Why no tressje forum?

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  1. I feel this designer is on the same page with Tano, Hayden Harnett, Linea Pelle, etc etc yet there's no sub forum for it! I've found quite a few treesje fans on here as well...why no subforum for treesje?
  2. I love Treesje and have just started getting into them. I have gone through tons of designers and have found that I really like their bags. Their CS is amazing and I have always gotten wonderful results from them when asking questions.
    If we end up w/ a Treesje forum count me in.
  3. there's very few threads about them . . . you gotta earn a forum, LOL! Kidding sort of, but Vlad won't make a forum for a designer of there's very little new threads about them.
  4. Unfortunately, that's true. I often look for threads on Treesje, but for some reason they're sorely lacking. I love Treesje bags, and wish there was more buzz about them on tpf!
  5. I would totally love a Treesje subforum. I love the look of their bags but info on them is difficult to dig up on the forum. People who have treesje bags need to start speaking up :P!
  6. I love Treesje and it would be great to have a forum for it :yes:
  7. I love them too! I was searching thru and found over 50 members who loves them and owns one in a half hour period. Hopefully they all can post in here and put their feedback as well!
  8. Treesje bags are beautifully made and the leather is gorgeous! They are unfortunately, often overlooked. I got mine at Nordstroms and its one of my favorites! :rolleyes:
  9. I love my Treesje bag
  10. My Treeje Swall is one of my favorite bags. The details on Treesjes is just magnificent.
  11. I agree. I don't own one yet but I've been craving an Avalon thanks to aznkat25 posting her bag collection. I would love to see more info on this designer.
  12. thats why I was hoping for a subforum...theres a bunch of us who own one and then theres other threads asking about them, but there's sooo many active threads everyday that they get lost usually...a subforum would be so much easier!
  13. ditto!
  14. Agreed! We'd all be much more willing to post things like where to find Treesje in a specific city or posting photos of our collections if we had a subforum like that. We keep getting similar threads being posted because we don't have a place to organize them all.
  15. Treesje is one of my favorite brands! I would love to see a subforum!