Why No PCE???

  1. Hello Coachies...I have a question...

    I have purchase several coach bags, all online purchases, and I have never gotten a PCE card...is it because I've ordered them online? Do you have to go to a Boutique to earn PCE??

    I was just wondering, because 25% off would be amazing, and I'm sorta bummed because I've never gotten it.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!:flowers:
  2. Yes, from everything I have read on this forum, online purchases do not count. I just try to make it a point to go into the boutique to order....plus it is free shipping that way too!
  3. Oh I see...thank you very much! Sort of a bummer since I don't live near a boutique.

    Thanks for the info!
  4. LA, if that is the case, you might want to start ordering over the phone from your closest boutique - phone orders through a boutique count! :yes:
  5. But don't count on getting it even then. I buy though boutiques and outlets and haven't gotten a PCE sent to me for either the regular or outlet shopper:crybaby:
  6. LA... that is a bummer. I don't live near a boutique either. I got a pce yesterday and I thought it was because I purchased online. :confused1: I have only purchased charms and keyfobs from different boutiques. I don't know how I was selected but I plan on a trip this weekend to use.
    I think coach should share pces with people that buy online too! You and Kikki deserve a PCE!:flowers:
  7. Yesterday I received a PCE for the first time, but I'm guessing it's because I filed a complaint w/ corporate when a boutique messed up an order twice. Who knows how they do it!
  8. I'm starting to think that the amount of purchases that you make at the store are NOT a factor for PCE.

    I got the PCE in December and spent over $1,000 at the boutique between Dec - February (GIGI tote, BRIDGIT handbag, TARYN sunglasses, scarves and charms)........but no PCE for me this time.

    My sister spent $100 on wristlets in the past 3 months and my cousin hasn't bought anything...........and yet they both got PCEs!

    I used to think making purchases at the boutiques get you invited, but now I'm not so sure.
  9. Hmm....I'm wondering if they give it to people who don't normally buy a lot for the purpose of getting them to buy at least something w/ 25% discount? I dunno...oh well.

    Thanks for the responses! Maybe someday I'll get PCE, and maybe it's a good thing I didn't get it this time, caz I am on a HUGE ban until June...lol. No more Coach for me until June! Nadda!
  10. I never bought a coach purse at the boutique, only at coach outlet stores. But I got a PCE card this time. I don't know if its because I've been shopping at the outlet stores lately or if its because they just want me to buy something at the boutique.
  11. LA, did you get my PM? PM me back and let me know. :biggrin: But you say you are on a ban :biggrin:
  12. I've always bought online, but in Nov I bought in the boutique, and voila, PCE for the first time this month!!
  13. I buy at the boutique all the time and online, also at the outlet. Lots of stuff and NEVER ever get a PCE card. I was thinking maybe they would send me one if I didnt buy anything for a while!:hysteric: I even asked them why and they wont respond to my question just to say that they dont have any more left. I even asked them if it is because I buy stuff all the time they must feel like I dont need the discount! Who knows. Try asking anyway at your local boutique. If I find out, I will post it.

  14. You know, I have often thought this exact thing, that if you purchase often and too much, they feel they don't need to give you a card anymore!!!

    So far this time neither myself or DH have gotten a card, and we have gotten all of them since Sept. (I first shopped at a boutique in St. Thomas last summer). We have used them every time.

    I asked my fav. SA way back in Jan. about this, and she said she would "let me know and I would be taken care of". I was....she told me about this event a month ago and reserved some of my items at that time.

    To be honest, I point blank told her a couple of months ago when she was showing me this or that bag that I would purchase IF I got the next PCE. I told her that the PCE discounts make it feasible for me to purchase often and a lot from her store. Otherwise I shop at the outlets or on eBay (a FOUL word to them!). I figured if she wanted to make a sale and keep me coming back, she would let me know. However, I definitely do go into Coach stores often. I am always enthusiastic about the products and ask a lot of questions because I LOVE handbags and accessories! I will also let my SA know what I am thinking to purchase next, or ask her to let me know if a specific bag becomes available, etc. It doesn't help that we have the same taste and passion for handbags either, so she "understands" me.

    I really do believe that you need to develop a "relationship" with an SA, and some are harder than others and/or care more. I guess some are more anxious to make a sale and see a potential repeat customer. I couldnt ask for a better SA than the one I have now, and I want to do something nice for her because she's gone above and beyond!! One of these days I want to purchase one bag at retail just because of that too, because the only things i have purchased at full price have been scarves and key chains.

    But as I write this, I will admit to reading a post where someone went to the EXACT store I go to, and was turned away. So the "relationship" thing is the only way I can rationalize it. Otherwise, you're at the "luck of the draw" in getting an invite from corporate!
  15. For the life of me, I can't figure out how they decide who gets PCE cards. I have complained that it's unfair to those of us who live in areas with little retail. Once in awhile I'm in a larger mall where a Coach store is, but not often. It's all money in their pocket--store or online. One of my pet peeves with Coach.