Why no one would buy this bag?

  1. not a fan of the leather covero nthe chain strap
  2. The fact that ships from Taiwan is a big turnoff for me, missing authenticity card doesn't help.... the color and the leather are not very photogenic....
  3. I really worry about the authenicity of the bag. And....I don't quite like the look of it, but the color is my favourite.
  4. I like it too! It's just too small for me, to be honest. I'm a big bag girl for sure. Someone should adopt her though! She's pretty, and probably has a complex from being relisted so many times. lol
  5. dgjeans is a reputable eBay seller that a lot of PFers have purchased authentic bags from in the past... :yes:
  6. It's waiting for you that's why! ;)