Why no New Saddles Except for Gauchos?

  1. I'm just wondering.. Why there are new cute saddles released lately? I can only see the Gaucho Saddles lately in Dior Boutiques... I wonder when will they release a new one again..
  2. aaaw we just ahd the limited edition saddles iqa ! ;)
  3. Yes, the limited editions were TDF! The tone on tone came out in an off-white relatively recently and they have some other lackluster new saddle styles but nothing too great this season. Although if its any consolation I just went to the private sale and there were at least 12 saddle styles going 40% off, so you could get your fix there while waiting for the new saddles to arrive :amuse:
  4. how long do you ladies think it will take for those LTD saddles depreciate enough to become affordable? lol a year.. 2 years? :shrugs:

  5. i`d say if anything their price will go up ...:nuts:

  6. whooooa..... lol that suuuuucks
  7. I saw saddle bag in this print
  8. ^ me too Su!
    it looks pretty nice really IRL. i half considered getting it.
  9. ohh i saw that too at the dior off 5th ave... it didnt strike my fancy, although it is very pretty.

    speaking of that particular store they have almost all the limited edition saddles... even morocco... :crybaby::crybaby: DH said no. again. grrr...
  10. how pretty:tup: