Why no more Khaki/Angora Large Carly?

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  1. If anyone sees the large (10620) khaki/angora Carly please let me know! Thanks, I need to have this bag...I LOVE IT! P.S. anywhere other than eBay. :tup:
  2. I'm going to the KOP Mall tomorrow so I will check out the two Coach stores and the department stores for you.:yes:
  3. Aww thanks so much! I appreciate it!
  4. I was at Coach Friday night and they had the new slim Carly in angora.

    To my surprise, they also brought back the gold carly- medium and large.
  5. Are you sure that it was the gold? The new bronze Carly looks very similar to the gold and is only slightly darker. A tpfer ordered one a few weeks back and it is very similar to the gold, not at all what you would expect a bag named "bronze" to look like.
  6. :shame: uh I have a new one that I just got before xmas and was told that it was the last one in the company and uh I'm going to be returning it...........
  7. ^ If the original poster doesn't want it then I do! :biggrin:
  8. I looked for your bag today in 3 Coach stores and the department stores and nothing !
    Have you looked on eBay? That may be your only choice at this point.