why no monogramming on the punch stripe?

  1. Anyone know why the punch signature stripe wristlets, etc. can't be monogrammed? I was ready to order one until I heard that - that's sort of the point of the style, after all.
  2. i think it applies to all the new colors...i remember an sa telling me that when we were talking about the white bag i like.
  3. I know, it really sucks. I wanted to get it monogrammed.
  4. doesn't matter to me...i'm not a fan of the monogramming.
  5. Pale blue and punch can't be monogrammed :/ I'm not sure why, maybe they couldn't find a color to match well enough or something.
  6. I was disapointed too when I heard that eventhough I am not 100% sure if I wanted to get it monogramed....I guess I just like having options
  7. ^^! LOL! yes, while I wouldn't monogram, it would be polite of them to at least offer..
  8. Does anyone know if monogramming will be available for punch in the future (in a few months or so)?
  9. To my knowledge, no. The only colors available for monogramming is black/white, khaki/white and khaki/chocolate.
  10. They toldme my vermillion & gold could be monogrammed i think
  11. I think the monogramming is kind of cute but I don't like the extra $$ required to have it done! LOL! (Hey, that's almost another charm!)
  12. Oh, all the old colors can be. I'm just referring to the new :smile:

  13. so_femme you're so smart! ;)

    :yahoo: i checked today and the dm said they can be, just not now because it's not "out" yet. it's the same reason why you can't order it in the totes (through store at least, i don't know if online lets you) but only the accessories.

    so long story short the punch and blue can be monogrammed once it's debuted.
  14. whatttt? In the new video it says those colors can NOT be monogrammed at all.
  15. hmmm.. maybe the DM hasn't watched the video at all. LOL.

    but he says it should be.

    i wanted the punch version so i'm holding him to it!