Why no LV lanyard?

  1. I would love an LV lanyard but I've never seen one.

    I would even love part of this id holder that I just saw on the UK site (just the lanyard - not the id holder, I don't really need that) although if it was MC I would :heart: it so much! This only comes in Black Epi and brown Damier.

    Or - ooh ooh a vernis Lanyard - YUMMERS

    IS there anything like this in LV land??

  2. A vernis one would be great!

    I own this black epi badge holder and have it currently for sale on eBay!
  3. what a cute idea! i'd love to own one too, in EPI Rouge! :drool:
  4. The closest thing I've seen is the Japon Cell Phone Necklace and the Japon Cell Phone Shoulder Strap. These are both in vachetta though.
  5. There is a vachetta one with 'LOUIS VUITTON' heatstamped on it.
  6. Are these both the same thing? They don't sell this anymore do they?

    Japon eh???