Why no Lily Lovers Club?

  1. I see one for Ali's and one for Ergo's. Don't Lily owners want to ban together?

    Okay, seriously everything I see Lily in the subject line I flock to read the thread.
  2. Me too! If it says Lily, Miranda, Weslyn, I jump right to that thread! Let's start a Lily club! I'm in!!
  3. Count me in too!:yahoo:
  4. Me too!
  5. Count me in, i'm the little girl with the big bag!
  6. Me too!! I just got the black one today and I LOOOOOVE her! Shes a beauty!
  7. Congrats! did you get the XL or the medium Lily?
  8. So ladies...

    What do you want to share about your prized Lilys?

    1) Which one(s) do you own?
    2) How often do you carry her?
    3) What made you buy her?
    4) Any advice to others who own a Lily?

    As always, we want to see pics (modeling, what's in them, etc...)

    Sorry, I am bad at this but I just LOVE hearing about other's Lilys. I just can't help feeling like I NEED another.

  9. I own the XL in whiskey and the medium in black. However, if I can bring myself to do it , the XL will be going on eBay.

    I am in love with the medium size and I bought it because the XL was too cumbersome for me. I'm carrying her right now!

    I think this bag is so unique and stunning, and I'm really happy I made the decision to get the medium. With the XL i'd use her for a day and then put it back in the closet, but i've used the medium almost exclusively (not quite but almost) since I got her right before Christmas.

    I wish they'd come out with a medium in whiskey!! There's a pic somewhere on the Coach forum of my medium, but I'll take another and post it here again!!

    Can't wait to hear other stories!
  10. I have the XL in walnut. I'm debating whether to keep it, trade it in for a black XL, or medium XL, or something else.
    I posted modeling pics a few days ago asking if people thought it looked too big on me. I got mixed reviews. The biggest reason I dont want to get rid of it is because of the unique walnut color. I'm not in love with the color, but its rare... i kinda feel like i should keep it! But i dont know if i'll ever use it. I've had it for at least 3 weeks and it has sat in the packaging. Decisions, decisions!
  11. I have both in black - yeah, i know, but i do use em both
  12. Hi ellacoach! I got the medium one like yours in black! I had the camel and thought she didn't look rich enough.....but the black is tdf! I am so impressed by this bag! Shes my favorite.:girlsigh:
  13. Ahhhh... I want a Camel! Trying to force myself to pay retail, but still struggling :smile: Is the black your main bag now or only pulled out for special occasions? I hake used my Whiskey XL for the last weeks but she is going back to the "crypt" so I can use my new Gucci for a few days.

    I think next week I will unwrap the Mini in black.
  14. Hey ladies

    If you could buy a Lily in any color what would it be?

    NOTE: You can choose a color combo that does not exist, like rose for instance.
  15. Can the medium be ordered in store yet? I've made up my mind... I'm exchanging my walnut Lily XL for a medium black lily... but can they order it for me at the store? Or do i have to go through JAX?