Why no Hermes Sunnies?

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  1. I'm wondering, with all the different merchandise of Hermes-- belts, bags, wallets, watches, jewelry, perfume, scarves, shoes... , why did they not create an eyewear collection as well?

    Did they have one before or it has just never been done? Someone should suggest this to the Hermes "gods" :biggrin:

    Calling Mr. Patrick Thomas :smile:
  2. Wild guess...perhaps they consider them too plebeian. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has sunnies, perfume and handbags. They already have the 2 out of 3.
  3. tresor, nice to "see" you! :biggrin:
  4. Hermes has been rolling out all the sunnies on their runways since 2007. I'm puzzled as to why they have to place the sunnies on the models when they don't even create one. To show it's summer and a cool vibe?





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  5. Agree with Iffah completely. That's something I can't understand too. So where are these sunnies from?

    P.S. Hi CobaltBlu :graucho:

  6. LOL plebian LoL

    But on a serious note, they do use sunglasses on runway shows so I wonder whose glasses those are...

  7. to be honest, they're probably their sunglasses, but for show only. it's unlikely for a large house like Hermès to show anything on the runway that wasn't their own.

    I'm sure the runway sunglasses are available for purchase, even though they are only show pieces. most brands are willing to sell the runway samples for a price, a phone call, and some paperwork.
  8. I was told those sunnies are by JPG?
  9. IFfah: That's a thought!

    Onederland: I wish they'd just make them. I'm sure they'd sell too (even if they're overpriced LoL)
  10. I think it's just that they like controlling as many aspects of production as they can, and starting up eyeglasses manufacturing is not easy. That's why 99.9% of designer sunglasses are made by two companies: Luxottica and Marchon. I know H does occasionally let others make their items, but I doubt they'll ever license their name to one of these two.
  11. matt-g: That actually makes a lot of sense. If Im not mistaken, H was, at one point also subcontracting Frey Wille to make their bangles *I think they don't anymore* , and now Frey Wille sells their own bangles as well-- and they do look like H enamel bangles...
  12. I always thought it was because Hermes has a policy where they can repair anything you purchased with them but sunglasses don't last as long as other luxury goods. From personal experience, even top brand glasses like Oliver Peoples are going to get scratched up and the screws loosened over time so Hermes just does not want to bother.
  13. I would think that there are at least some prototypes or plans we don't know about hidden in a drawer somewhere. Even Louis Vuitton finds it worthwhile to fix sunglasses and the parts can easily be mass produced (no matter where they are sourced from) so I don't think that would be an issue. Maybe they're finding it hard, like some people mention to figure out something that can set their sunnies apart from the other brands. As mentioned most of the "luxury" sunnies (from ray ban and oakley to chanel and dior, versace etc) are made by the same two companies in the same place. As shown numerous times on this forum Hermes is perceived to be on different level on the "pyramid of brands" (as an SA pointed out to me once, not my words. :rolleyes:) they wouldn't want their sunnies not to correspond with that image.

    The problem with items like the mass produced perfumes and sunglass is that what makes them so profitable is partially their availability. Brands like H that limits distrubution could suffer if such products get widely available and price (and quality) doesen't correspond to the perceived general price point of their other products. Louis Vuitton sunnies as an example aren't available outside of their own distribution network (thus making them less available and maybe less profitable), however chanel glasses are and can be easily found in "less than chic" areas and stores, allthough it doesen't really seem to me like this had a big impact on the brand as a whole.

    If they're not planning to distribute sunglasses (or reg. glasses) widely outside their own stores (like they do with the porcelain pieces) then I don't really think they would make a lot of money on it. Putting a lot of effort into a range of sunglasses would then not really be a very profitable endeavour I guess. Remember that most of their profit comes from the leather goods and silk ranges , the RTW and shoes make up a marginal part.
  14. well i find all the points interesting but here is the actual fact i asked this to an hermes exec that i trust very well he says it is a question of defining hermes as what hermes is the handbags were around almost from the very begining and the perfume became as important at hermes as the silk or leather but the sunglasses would mean migrating hermes from on type of luxury house to another louis vuitton at the begining did not create so very many models and they actually broke into this market until the gina and thelma collection came around 04 05 so i think hermes just needs a little more time .he also stated that the reason that they put them on the models is a seasonal indicator i guess he is right but i belive i will continue to research this more hope it helps birkel !

    and look at it this way in the past louis vuitton had perfumes and now they dont so another petit mystere from hermes ! i guess
  15. Thank god they don't - Sunnies are my other major weakness. They start producing H sunnies, I start going broke.

    But couldn't you see a pair, with the Omnibus in enamel as the sidebars? *sigh*