Why no Chanel online at high end stores?

  1. I am a newbie, so maybe someone could explain to me: why does Neiman Marcus and Saks carry Chanel in the stores, but does not offer the line online for purchase? They have Gucci, Prada, etc online, but no Chanel. Is it due to an exclusivity clause with Chanel? I'm a good two hours away from a Saks, so it's hard to keep up with sales, etc.
  2. I think it's a clause that it can't be sold online. However if you spend enough time here you will always know when the sales are and where they are.
  3. You guys have been a wonderful help - I've learned so much in just a couple of days of being on the forum, but now - I want to go shopping! I'm so inspired to get another Chanel! ;))

    Guess a road trip in in order, sales being over or not.....:smile:)
  4. Go for it! I drive an hour to get to the nearest place that sells Chanel. It's definitely worth it.
  5. also, they tend to only order a few of each bag. . . inventory would be hard to keep accurate online I'd think.
  6. Find yourself a good SA who will let you know of new inventory/ sales.
  7. CHanel does not allow their items to be sold online ANYWHERE... (obviously this is excluding places like ebay and what not). It's the same for Hermes.. I'm always online and I wish they did!
  8. Me too, I'd love it if Chanel was available online...but I tend to shop a lot online, if Chanel was easy to procure, it would probably be terrible for my budget! So I guess it's a bit of a blessing!:P