Why neverfull is so popular?

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  1. I chatted with one of my best friend today through MSN and we were talking about bags and she said Neverfull is very popular now. I like the shape of the bag but I don't like dark patina and also LV pattern. After I finished chatting with her, I think to buy one because my friend said she will bought it from me after am tired of it (That's good lol). She is OK with dark patina (but am not :jammin:)

    What do you think about Neverfull Line?

    For me if I buy it, it is because of price, and style is quite OK (not like it 100%) but I think the price is attractive. I can bought it anytime now without thinking about it a lot. Didn't like when I bought more expensive bags of mine.

    PM or MM size is better? My friend say that she like the PM better as she can use it as a handheld and as a shoulder bag. MM as a handheld is not a good look.

    I also send a photo of neverfull to my little sister (who asked for a Miu Miu bag to be a Christmas Gift) and she said that the bag looks old :Push: and Balenciaga is too much better ( I'm saving up now for one :angel:).

    How about you?
  2. I don't love the neverfull. I don't care for the straps. If I had to get one, I'd go for the PM or MM though.
  3. I'm not a fan - as the previous poster said, I dont like the straps either. If I were to get one I would get MM, I would use it as a diaper bag, since it is huge and can hold a ton.
  4. I love mine. However, if you aren't completely in love, don't let the low price lull into buying it. You won't enjoy it no matter how inexpensive it was if you're not completely crazy about it.
  5. if you don't love it 100%, why not save up for a bag that you DO love 100%?

    But if i had to choose i'd choose the MM - I think the PM is too small
  6. Mono's ok the straps are a little thin I prefer the damier versions love the azur
    In vuitton terms it's a bit of bargain if you like it get it but if your only buying for the sake of buying pass and wait for something you love
  7. I think the price point is the seller of this bag, but if you're not a fan save up and get what you're 100% about.
  8. I saw one in the airport at LAX....hated it. The straps are way too thin and it just looks cheap IMO.
  9. Ok weirdly enough, if it wasn't for the MOCA version, I wouldn't have gotten a Neverfull since I have a BH.
    I prefer the MM though for myself since I carry notebooks and folders with me around school.

  10. :sad:
  11. ^^^^ That is exactly what I was going to say. :yes:

    I think the fact that the purse is in the "lower" price range is why it is popular, in my opinion.
  12. I agree. I do not like the design, the interior canvas lining, thin straps, saggy bottom, and the side strings. Pretty much no likey for everything about this bag except for the monogram canvas.
  13. I have the MM size and love it! I find it to be very practical for my lifestyle (I've got young children and need a larger bag for day-to-day) and it really is my go-to bag since I bought it.
  14. I didn't like the neverfull when I first saw it, but it's slowly starting to grow on me. I'm not a fan of the mono since it patinas, but I'm def. getting a damier MM once it comes out :smile:
  15. I think the price point does make it a hot seller...and lots of people DO like the style. I don't really. If you don't love the Mono pattern or the style, I really don't think you should get it at all. Save up a little longer until you see a bag that you MUST have.