Why Neiman Marcus is a joke........but, there was a bittersweet outcome...

  1. I went to NM today in SF to check out and most likely, purchase an EB City. I had spoken to the SA on the phone YESTERDAY and she put the EB and the Magenta City on hold for me.

    I spent THREE HOURS getting to NM and I went straight to handbags to ask for my holds. The SA came back with just the Magenta City and handed it to me. I asked her where EB was and she just shrugged and said "I don't know, it says that you have TWO Cities on the hold tag, but only the Magenta was in the hold bag."

    So basically, some other Sales Rep SNAKE took my hold bag to make a sale. I was so pi$$ed..........and typical NM......they really did not give a crap that I just drove 3 hours to get the bag and they just told me they would try to locate another one. OK, NOT the point because I spent three hours one way just getting to the stupid store!!

    I had to make an exchange and I have been dying for a brown City but there are none anywhere so I bought a Tabac/Sienna (I think that is the name of the color?? It is an 07 bag) First and a Sky Blue First. I just hope they are not too small.

    I will post pics tommorrow. My "First" BBag purchase was not as exciting as I thought it would be.....NM never again.
  2. So did you end up getting the Magenta City as well as the two Firsts?

    I love my First, I want another - but I know alot of ladies think they are too small for everyday bags. I cant fit everything I need (minus a sweater), though :yes:

    Where do you live? Can you order from BalNY? You should if you can - it's free s/h and no tax outside NY/NJ :smile:

    Also... just FYI, the NM at International Mall Tampa has an EB City - so maybe they can send it to your NM.
  3. Gosh that is just awful! I would be so mad too. Three hours is a very long drive for them to not have what you asked them to hold for you. Not like you took a week to get there. They could have at least held them for one day. So sorry and don't give up on that EB City.
  4. Bittersweet outcome indeed. Sorry for the bad SA situation though.

    You got yourself gorgeous colours! Makes all that long travelling well worth it. Cannot wait to see your pictures.
  5. Oh I'm so sorry this had happened to you...
    But it is the case with many SA at NM... most of them don't know much about Balenciaga.. some of the ladies here are very fortunate to have such knowledgeable SA.

    Hopefully, carrying your LE magenta will help you make purchases from the boutiques~
    PLease share pictures~
  6. ^yeah none of the sa's i speak to at NM know the colors or styles of any of the bbags. heck, i've called balny before and spoken with sa's who don't know :shrugs:
  7. Sorry to hear about your NM experince :sad: I am from outside US and I seem to read a few threads here all saying the same thing, bad experiences with SAs in department stores..also in BalNY. But atleast you got yourself 2 beautiful babies!! Do post pics soon!!:flowers:
  8. Oh, poor thing you. I just had a bad experience with NM as well. It's hilarious that they don't take visa so I had to buy a virtual giftcard, two actually, on Friday. And then today I got an email saying that they cancelled the transaction because there was a problem with my credit card. I called NM and they could NOT tell me why there was a problem. The operator said that maybe it was because they could not verify my address, which is total ******** as AR just verified my address a week ago. Then she said that maybe it's because I live at a college and did not tell them so. WTH? I never tell any of the online retailers that I buy from that they're sending my stuff to my college mailbox so why should this be any different? And then she came up with some ******** about how my IP address was from the UK and my phone number was Canadian while my address was American. I just hung up on her at that point. Jeez, just tell me if you don't want my money. How did they track my IP address anyway? Talk about being ridiculous. And then I called up my SA to ask if they might do a transfer to a NM branch in CA and she said, "That wouldn't do us any good." Really? It would not do NM any good or would it not do YOU any good? Needless to say, I am NOT getting a Bbag from NM.

    If you have any second thoughts about your purchase, though, bring them back to NM. We're paying more than a thousand dollars for each bag so we should be totally satisfied with what we're getting.
  9. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I would have been so upset! Did you ask to speak to the manager about it? That SA who took your bag is just unacceptable!!
  10. Oh, no! That's awful. I'm so sorry. I would have thrown an absolute fit if I were you. I would just have them (or whomever else you choose to shop with) ship to you next time. I live only about an hour south of SF, and I had the SF Neimans ship to me back when I wanted the NM anniversary bag. My local NM doesn't carry Bal and I didn't want to go up to the city to get it. Hopefully they can get the EB that you want and do it without a big hassle. I totally agree with Toriatan, though -- if you don't love love love what you got, ship them back as returns. It's too much money for you to be settling.
  11. One word - Nordstrom!!!! I can't say enough good things about Nordstrom! I purchased 2 Step bags from them back in October or November, then decided a few weeks ago that I didn't really want them. Of course I hadn't used them, had hardly had them out of their sleepers. I called Nordstrom, and right away they had DHL pick up the bags, no charge to me! AND, they credited them back to me right away, none of that 6 weeks later @#$% that a lot of places pull. LOVE Nordstrom!:heart::heart:
    BTW, I'm really sorry that both of you got crappy service at NM!!!
  12. I TOTALLY agree with bags4fun Nordstrom has THE BEST SERVICE EVER! I bought a purse in July 2007 and just last week I decided it wasn't exactly the best purse for me; I had only used it a few times, and I still had all the recipts and tags and everything. I wasn't even thinking I could take it back, but a co-worker of mine said she'd returned a Juicy zip-up she'd had from 2 YEARS AGO AND THEY RETURNED IT FOR HER--WITHOUT A RECIPT! So I went over there and was like "hey i know this is a long shot but i was wondering if i could return this or even just get like a store credit or something" and the lady totally just put it back on my card no problem!

    Kristie I am so sorry about your NM experience, I had a bad time with them too reguarding payment and just rude SA's. Like everyone before me has posted, if you aren't completely satisfied, return it. And even if you are, call and complain! That is horrible customer service and that shouldn't even be allowed--they should be required to ship you an EB when they get one in!
  13. I did not get the Magenta City (I think I gave some of you the impression that I did) ......because ever since I discovered BBags...it has been ugly....as in, I am expecting a Black 08 City from Nordstrom along with the Magenta Wallet and Black wallet (so I can see them both IRL and then choose between the two). And I just got the two Firsts today (although I "only" paid about $450 for my return difference :graucho:) I have been BAD.....I sold all of my other bags on Ebay lately because I am just "over" them and onto Bal. Must stop now!!

  14. HAHAHAHA Kristie I have been doing the same thing!! That is why I took that purse back to Nordstrom last week :shame: ahahahaha thats awesome. I also have been selling some bags and random hair products and shoes and stuff on ebay--to support my newest addiction! Its horrible! But I :heart: them! :tender:
  15. I HATE Neimans! I sent back a pair of Prada jeans and they credited me back the amount for a sweater on the same receipt :confused1: How hard is a return?

    Love Nordies- I actually live in the same city as the Bal-carrying one but have yet to take advantage of my unique situation :graucho: