Why my Azur speedy doesn't have a tag like this???

  1. damier2.jpg
  2. the bag pictured is fake. thats why it has a tag, lol. ;)
  3. Because yours is authentic.
  4. Stay away from the hang tags:nuts:
  5. I love these sellers selling fakes with 100% positive feedback.

  6. Is that like 1000% authentic?
  7. How did they do it? I sold all authentic bags (my bags), but I still got a negative feedback:confused1:
  8. Yup... Hanging canvas tags are a red flag for a fake. So when you see these, stay away! Enjoy your authentic bag. :smile:

  9. ...thank goodness! Coz yours is real.

    You would think, they made such uncanny fakes, they would learn not to put a tag there! Goodness....and the feedback is so good. TACKY!
  10. Yeah, it's bizarre, haven't they learned that hang tags only comes with fakes and are dead giveaway?
  11. The yellow cards are another thing to watch out for too..
  12. :welcome:
  13. The one on eBay is fake.
  14. because the one on ebay is fake.
  15. thats a fake. dont worry! your azur is fine!