** why must this happen ** choice to make......HELP!

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  1. I was all so ready and already set my mind on getting a BLACK DISTRESSED REISSUE IN GHW 226......... and what i already have in my chanel, ecru caviar in ml and jumbo beige claire in caviar, just 2. in my heart, besides the 2 that i have, i wish to get a nice red chanel, can be classic or reissue. a black reissue ghw and maybe a nice blue....... i cant manage to find red this year, or a blue and the reissue is there al year round. and i decided to get the reissue since no other choice for me BUT..........i spot a red classic in ml!!!!

    09A A01112 Y04060 81643

    its with light GHW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its a deep red but...... as its a past season color, i guess for its demand, the price is really high, $ 3,795!!!!!!!! what should i do? i mean i really love the reissue but again i love a red classic too!! in my heart, i know that i will really use the reissue so so so much more often BUT i so love that red. and i know i will not use the red so often like the reissue but again....... theres so many factor that can gives me the reason of getting the red first. but the price is not attractive i agreed...... i search the color library about this red with ghw but not many and pictures not too clear and i s hope to see modeling pictures!!

    what should i do!!!!????
  2. but i feel i will end up giving up the red......the PRICE!!!!!!!!! wonder if stores out there still having this back in their room?? any sa that i can email to check? hopefully someone friendly and helpful....
  3. If its me, I will go for the reissue. I used to have the 07 red caviar in m/l...nice bag and colour but nothing beats a matte black reissue in ghw.
  4. ^^

    yes!!!! The matte black reissue is simply so gorgeous!!!! I tried the reissue in store as well as a red 2010 fall shiny caviar the other time, the reissue simply so nice on me!!! Red is nice but somehow red just dun merge well withme BUT I guess it's just a "want" purse. That is why I can see that I will give up the red, for now???
  5. If I really were in love with the bag, I would really go for it. Anyway, the current price of M/L in SG is around SGD 4950 if I am not mistaken
  6. You should stick to your original plan. Don't be tempted!
  7. Dun get tempted... It's tough but if u do, the others are great choices too
  8. Go for the Reissue.
  9. Yes, I saw that one. It's the 09A red. Super pretty with ghw. I LOVE my 09A red SHW Jumbo (I am wearing it today...lol.)

    When you think about it the M/L's are now 3400. so add tax to that price and you are paying almost the same. BUT this bag retailed for 2425. I don't think it could bare to pay that price for an M/L. So I'd probably go reissue.

    There is a Red distressed calf ghw reissue comming for Spring. Maybe wait & check that out first???
  10. #10 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
    no.... the current price for a ml in singapore is SG$5170!!!!! scary!!!!!

    Chi town Chanel / LV-PRADAfanatic
    thats what my bestie told me too!!

    ha!!!!!!!! i got it!!

    yap! and hubby just commented that the red too dark for me, i guess he just dont fancy seeing a red chanel on me BUT he likes the 06 or 09 dark red distressed reissue!! he told me that if its that purse, he will say go ahead....he seems to doubt this classic dark red ml.

    and about the reissue...... i heard its gonna be a really BRIGHT red with orange tone.....how disappointing, you have any infor. on that?
  11. Stick to the reissue. As you said, you'll get much more uses out of it!
  12. I will go for reissue - you can definitely get a perfect red later since Chanel is making gorgeous red every year!
  13. No, I have no other info on the spring reissue. The only pic I saw looked bright, but it was also alot of flash so I can't really judge the color.

    If you like the 09A Burgandy reissue, it looks like there's one here in this thread

    Oh, I just saw you asked in there..lol. Anyway e-mail Hector to check. He is super nice & quick to respond.
  14. I would go for the reissue first!
  15. I agree with the ladies...I think you'll get more use out of the black reissue. Good luck!