Why must people continue to be bitten by E-bay sellers?????

  1. It amazes me at the number of people complaining about E-bay fakes and scams. Do you realize that you are feeding the fire everytime you purchase from a fake seller. Yes there are some authentic sellers on Ebay and I would hate for them to lose business but if people stopped buying from E-bay they would eventually pressure Ebay to shut the fake sellers down.

    Are you trying to save $100 on Ebay? Yes, I can always understand people wanting to save money but look at the odds of getting a fake and then what have you lost. You can go to an authentic sellers website and save $75 and get the real thing and sleep good at night.

    No, you do not have to go to E-luxury for everything you buy online. Remember this, most brands you can buy online from a wide array of places except for LV. E-luxury is the only online store that has the rights to LV. If anyother store even mentions that they can get LV, run for your life.
  2. Ever hear the expression:

    "You're preaching to the choir"
  3. Yes, I guess I just woke up in the "whatever" mood.

    I do fell better though.

  4. That;s wy I went to E luxury to buy my LV. I admit I did look on ebay but I deserve the best .
  5. Well, a lot of website stores like Bloomingdales, Saxs and Nordstrom only ship within the U.S. Some smaller brands are not available within Australia so I have to turn to ebay. Trust me, i'd be much happier buying from a store but when you don't have a choice you do whatever it takes.
  6. I understand what you are saying but there are genuine sellers out there (like me and other on pf).

    Having said that I am going to stop selling on ebay - because of the amounts of fakes there you just dont get decent prices anymore
  7. I think people are still willing to pay a good price for something they know is real. I know I am willing to pay retail for an item I can't find in the stores.
  8. I am taking about used items more I guess...people just wont pay the prices now. Also to the untrained eye they just don't know what is real or not.
  9. Yeah, and some buyers just immediately assume that the stuff is fake if it's priced at/below retail and or the seller isn't a Powerseller or belong to some group or something. Some ppl don't realize that there're a lot of sellers who sell authentic items but are not regular sellers (hence we won't have tons of feedback and such). Oh well ...
  10. I think with the help of this forum now though we are all in a stronger place and can still have really great deals on ebay without being scammed. I think as long as you fully research the items, including sending them here for confirmation then there are still deals to be had. As for selling well I think again there are still a lot of decent people out there who are willing to pay a good price for select items. We just need to get rid of the baddies and things will be good again. Don't give up on ebay yet.
  11. I haven't been scammed yet. I've been more cautious once I got into more expensive stuff. Hopefully I won't get scammed anytime soon.
  12. Some people prefer to go through eBay b/c of the protection policies, etc...I think that the fees are becoming so insane and then there are the Paypal fees...but once you have had a happy customer & they know you sell ONLY authentic bags...you have a group outside of eBay that don't deal w/eBay at all!!

    I sell on ebay and WOULD NEVER carry a fake, let alone sell one to a customer! I tell you...it is REALLY draining to sell on eBay...especially with all the fakes running around...they are rediculous & eBay just allows it to continue...

    The picture theft is just another whole story!!! I mainly use eBay now to get my website out...to get my bags seen...and hopefully once in a while sell something!!

    Sorry to rant...
  13. I wish there was a way we could know the ebay id name of pfers like you, I was scammed on Ebay several times, but, would go back to buy from honest sellers., is there any thread within this forum that the ebay ids of pfers can be posted so we can confidently buy from them through ebay?