Why must I always do this to myself???

  1. Okay, so my hair is naturally brown. I get partial hilites about every two months (very blonde, an ashy color, caramel, and then a few slivers of my natural color). I'm just getting sick of it now. I don't know, I guess I have nothing to do all day so I start thinking about ways to change my hair. As if I don't change it enough, right?

    I just got it cut into a bob and I already miss my old hair cut. I just don't feel girly enough for some reason. The bob doesn't suit me--case closed. I figured maybe if I change my hair color it'll make me happier. So I'm thinking a darker brown? I know I shouldn't even worry because I'm naturally brunette, but my skin is extremely pale. We're talking Rose McGowan pale...maybe even more so. She seems to have more of a pinkish hue to her and I don't. I really don't want people to think I'm sickly looking but the upkeep for the blonde is just too much and I'm tired of seeing roots.

    Can anybody suggest a nice brunette color for me? Maybe something Mocha-ish??

    I'm going to include a picture of myself just for reference, so you ladies can get a good look at my skin tone and such. If it's not allowed I apologize and mods you can delete it right away. I really need help though, it's eating me up inside and I can't stand it!!! :sweatdrop:

    Any other suggestions would be helpful, I'm open to all shades of brown!!


    NOTE: This is NOT the bob, it's my old haircut that I miss dearly. Underneath you can see a bit of my natural color. Thanks for your help ladies!
  2. Maybe try a sort of milk chocolate brown with teensy highlights around your face in that strange color that was popular in the 80s, they used to call it "rosewood" if memory serves me.

    I think that would look good with your skintone.

    Pales skin is very beautiful, you could probably become a redhead if you ever wanted to!
  3. If you wanna go dark, what I would do is get a stylist to match the dye to my natural colour. That's if you still have any left after the chop. If not, just grow a bit of your roots and then have the rest matched to them.

    I agree with the previous poster though. You'd look smashing as a redhead!
  4. Thanks girls. I've decided to go with this color...


    Thanks for your help!!
  5. I LOVe the color of your hair--I'd love to get that for myself--what color is it? LOL!

  6. I couldn't even begin to tell you...it's a mixture of 20 different colors. Hahaha, seriously it took me forever to achieve that. I just kept going and that's what I came up with. I think it's like a caramel/reddish color and then some light blonde with my natural color mixed in.
  7. well, whatever it was, it's was beautiful! But I def. like the Jessica Simpson hair color you're going to do!


  8. Thank you! I feel like I'm backing myself into a corner because it really took years for my hair to become that blonde and I feel like all those years of hard work went to waste. LOL. I don't know, is that stupid of me? I just get very bored easily and wind up experimenting with different stuff. Time for a change I suppose, but I always figured I'd never go back to brown again, since I was so dissatisfied with it when I actually WAS a brunette. I guess my natural color just wasn't a color I fancied, and this color I'll be getting soon is a much more striking brown. Blah, I'm so torn.
  9. haha, it's alright, i get bored with my hair too. i went from long to short and a totally different color. i miss the length and am trying to grow it out now. i have to avoid the salon altogether not to intervene..lol
  10. Gorgeous color! Wow, if I ever go back to brunette I would seriously consider this...tdf!

  11. Bronze is in!!!:tup:
  12. I think your hair looks great the way it is!
  13. I know what you mean about changing up hair color and styles but when I do it my hair gets dried out and breaks off before I can even cut it!
  14. Any new pics?