why multicolor's color can be rubbed off?

  1. that's too bad. i thought the color is permant. :confused1:

    see the brown flower was rubbed off at the bottom of this purse. will it happen all the multicolor bag?
  2. This has happened to my MC Rift I bought in August. I noticed two brown flowers on the corners. I wondered how it could rub off. But thats exactly how it looks. And only on the corner, no where else on my purse. I always wanted to ask here also, but figured it must all do this. ???? I have no idea.
  3. :confused1: [​IMG]
  4. When I bought my white mc alma, it came with a care booklet that stated it is normal when this happens to this particular line. They consider it normal wear and tear. I don't know why they made it like that, but they did.
  5. i think it happens to all mc bags, especially in the corners!!! my black mc speedy's corners are just like the pic Kathy posted!!

    but it doesn't look that bad...i still think MC looks cute no matter what :smile:
  6. color rubbing is normal
  7. yes, unfortunately is happens. One of my MC pieces has a few small marks where the white is showing through the colours.
    Seeing as they know it happens I think LV should try and address this issue rather than calling it "Normal".
  8. It is b/c the colour is silk screened on and silk sreening runbs off eventually. They warn you about that in the catalogue I think?

  9. Yah, they mention it in the care booklet.
  10. oh, it also happens to all LE lines that has color screens on them... cerise, panda, graffiti.......
  11. aw. i want my MC speedy :sad:

    but my moms mc speedy has rubbed off too. especially on her black alma
  12. wait...is that bag real? where'd you find that pic? I thought mc doesn't have red? (flower on bottom leftish...)????:confused1:But i honestly don't know
  13. thats so sad
  14. I just noticed a tiny flower on my MC wallet has begun to rub. Drats!
  15. It looks good to me. I think it's not supposed to have a red "LV" (except for old prototypes) so a red flower is okay. :yes: