Why Louis Vuitton

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  1. I wonder who that could be... Does she look like you? :P
  2. Why Louis?
    Why Not?
    Louis, oui!

  3. Hahaha. No, actually she doesn't. :lol:

  4. I think I remember the pic of your adorable daughter with her mini sac hl..:love: :love:

  5. LOL. That was such a long time ago, Nita! Good memory.

  6. It's unforgettable!!!:love: :love:

    I plan on getting sac HL to my daughter if someday I have one after I saw the pic..lol
  7. Hehe..she's adorable :yes:

    I got my first LV when I was 17. I did like my mom's LV when I was little but I was never into bags of my own. She had to buy a bag for me when I was 14 (a Kate Spade) and make me carry it :roflmfao:
  8. i really have no clue why...it just happens to be LV for me....

    why gucci for u???? :smile:
  9. Because of that beautiful Petit Noe I saw on a girl.
  10. i like that LV bags look good with every outfits, their durability, their timelessness, and many of their bags are so light. i HATE heavy bags (mj, coach, chloe paddington!!!)
  11. I like LV. However, I like gucci because of all the different styles and fabrics they use. I'm really into hobo's right now because they fit all my baby's daily needs in them and I have two incredible gucci hobo's that really conform well to my body. (bouvier white leather and horsebit chain hobo in black) I also love my brown horsebit clutch. It seems so timeless. My speedy is my favorite LV but it's hard for me to carry a baby and carry that particular purse.
  12. gucci fan">
    LV also has very unique styles and canvases/leathers/exotic leathers. Some bags are just timeless... :smile: