Why Louis Vuitton

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  1. I love the heritage, craftmanship, and there are lots of beautiful lines to choose from. To quote my SA "LV is the iconic luxury brand".
  2. I love LV because...

    1) LV is a company that expertise in making luggages/bags. They are known to have superb quality, which doesn't fall apart in 10-20 years. Now if you ask me if I care about carrying an old bag around, I'd tell you no. To me, it's like a pair of jeans, the more you wear it, the more characters it develops.

    2) LV has some iconic shapes that appeal me (speedy and papillon), which I can't find from other designers. Even if I do... I don't know... I still like the original LV design better :hysteric:

    3) They don't go on sale, so I won't have a heartache when the season's over.

    4) I don't have to check if their products are made in China. I'm totally against slave labor and the use of toxic materials.

    5) I seriously think that if I have a daughter in the future, she'll inherit all of my LVs. I won't be so sure for other brands. They may have to go to trash.

    6) I am in serious deep love with the :heart: blue jean JPG birkin :heart: . I don't have it, I can only dream about it, for maybe who knows... 1,2,3 years, or never? So now, how do I satisfy my current bag addiction :idea:? Therefore, I have no money left for other brands :smile:

    7) I think LV has the best looking Monogram.

  3. ITA! I never liked the multi color DB bags! :yucky: They actually called them "IT" bags if you can believe that.....more like SH*IT bags if you ask me. Especially thier hearts collection...who are they making these bags for, seriously, 10 yr olds??:wtf: :shrugs: Ahhh, that explains the 'ihatebags' person! We figured you out kiddo!!! ;)

  4. I totally agree..anyone who thinks LV doesn't offer variety doesn't really know much about LV. There's something there for everyone be it a certain color, style, pattern, etc.

    I personally love LV because of the quality-I know I'll have them for many years to come. Also, I like the fact that it doesn't go on sale. I like knowing that the bag I just bought for $1000 won't be on sale for half price in less than 6 months.
  5. I have a couple of those that my dad bought me when they first came out. I used them all the time and loved them..especially since they have sentimental value (he never really ever bought me any bags so he was really proud when he got them for me).
    But to turn it around, there are a lot of people who probably feel the same way about the MC LV bags..that they were made by or for 10 year olds.
    I love mine but I know we're partial because we love LV, but there are probably just as many people who feel the same way about the MC LV bags as a lot of people here do about the DB bags.
  6. haha! that's what they were called! omg and i was like wtf? limited edition? why are they coming out with SO MANY???
  7. ^^^ITA

    Main reason I moved over to LV.

  8. Sorry, I hope I didn't insult you-didn't meant to!!! You're probably a lot younger than I am (I'm 39 this month) and so I think that's why this style never appealed to me. Sorry again!!! :sad:
  9. Lol no problem, I wasn't really directing it at you anyway, just to everyone in general. Your post was the most related one that was the closest one on the page to quote haha. Actually I'm really not all that much younger (I don't really think so, anyway)..I just turned 21 in November. :yes:

  10. :flowers:
  11. I know. I love that when I buy a bag from Louis Vuitton that the retail price will NEVER decrease, although it may increase. LOL.
  12. gucci fan">
    Well why not??!!

  13. 11. i win! lol
  14. It's classic, durable, with multiple different options. The epi line is my favorite so far.

  15. Hehe. I know someone who got their first LV bag when they turned 2. :smile: