Why Louis Vuitton

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  1. :nuts: :noggin:
  2. Excuse me, is there something wrong with that?
    To me, a "dude" in a purse forum is just like a "dudette" in a car forum...:shrugs: Nothing wrong with that.
  3. You must be from that car forum...they love to get in here and bust on us. Go talk about mufflers or oil changes...go away.
  4. gucci fan too and own many gucci bags maybe 7....but, LV is more timeless and classic IMO so I just love LV now it is welll made and durable...LV is elegant and beautiful...does it get any better than that...
  5. i think ihatepurses is just joking around. life is too short to be serious and laughing is more fun anyway.:smile:
  6. gucci fan">

    Do you know him??

  7. :rant::devil::death::banned::popcorn:
  8. :graucho:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. I adore LV because...:love:

    It makes the most sense to me when it comes to quality, price and style plus functionalty.....and having witnessed over the years its durability and timelessness...to me there is no other.:yes: :drool:

    And once you have one and you truely feel for it...most become collectors....obsessive collectors....:P

    Gucci is awesome too by the way...I remember my mom's Gucci bags...so chic!!!! I just personally dont dig the styles at this time....:smile:
  11. I'm more into...they NEVER...repeat...NEVER...GO ON SALE>>>

    There is no such thing with Louis Vuitton...They hold their value...period...timeless and CLASSIC!!!
  12. gucci fan">
    Even if he was joking around, it's a rather immature/ignorant way of playing around. It just all came off a bit... childish? What is he, 14? :rolleyes:
  13. Whatever. I think he was purposely trying to be a PITA.
  14. :dftt: and all I'm gonna say is you know what Donney and Burke!
  15. I have other designer purses but...
    the moment I fell in-love with LV...
    I was hooked!
    I'ts just so timeless and so classic!
    there are bags from 10 - 20 years ago
    that still look so beautiful with age...