Why Louis Vuitton

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  1. It really is personal preference! I personally like LV because I like the history of the company, the variety of lines to choose from, the durability of the bags, the ease of everything pretty much matching my bags (i.e. I don't struggle to find an outfit that will match), the fact that it never ever goes on sale so I don't kick myself for ever paying full price, and the variety of styles to choose from....if I want a shoulder bag, handheld, messenger, suitcase, bum bag, clutch, etc. I can get them all!
  2. Definitely a personal choice, I love the craftmanship and styles.
  3. gucci fan">

    I don't think so either,

    Monogram is not the only line from LV .LV has so..so many lines not to mention limited edition pieces, seasonal pieces. :drool: :drool: :love:

  4. Aww thanks! It just makes me wish I started earlier. :sad:
  5. They should make a wrestling match where the Gucci chick mud wrestles with an LV chick. That way we could finally find out who reigns supreme.
  6. WHAT?!?!??!??!

    That was totally random!!! :roflmfao: And what a totally idiotic way to find out which brand is better...

    :ban: :dftt:
  7. Okay...

    And if you hate purses, why are you on the Purse Forum? Just curious.
  8. Haha.
  9. I agree that it's a personal preference. I used to really dislike LV (probably due to the abundance of fakes). Then suddenly last year I feel in love. :love:

    I like the classic elegance, exclusivity, and all of the unique designs.
  10. ...for the record, my personal preference is Donney and Burke. It's the best and it's proven by science.
  11. Haha I bet if you started at my age you would have beat out Kimora Lee Simmons by now :nuts:
  12. LV has timeless designs, and a good selection...you can be as understated or as flashy as you want - there's always a design for you!
  13. :dots:
  14. I actually have two all-weather Dooney & Bourke bags from the early 90's. Honest to goodness those bags weigh a ton. You could kill a purse snatcher with 'em. One of the reasons I stopped carrying them.

    So why the Ihatepurses name? Did you get lost on the way to another forum. LOL

  15. I saw the name ...oohhhhh it's going to be "goooooddd":rolleyes: