Why Louis Vuitton

gucci fan

Nov 27, 2006
OK all you Louis Vuitton lovers out there, no tomatoes please. I was wondering why it seems so many obsess over LV. I have two mono bags my self and I like them, but they are not my favorite. I've seen many people with the same pattern but in more styles than I can count. What is it about Louis Vuitton that would make someone want 10+ bags and not much variety of any other brand. Please give me some your thoughts and insight. Thanks


Feb 1, 2006
I was going to say the same thing...its just personal preference. As much as I love LV I love Gucci as well. I have for 20 years. (my first bag was a Gucci at 15) I tend to go for handle bags so I even buy Gucci's that look so very similiar to most of my Lv's. Its just what I love!:yes:

LV Love

Sep 1, 2006
I think that the quality of LV surpasses most of the other brands. I also have a few Gucci pieces and they are nowhere near as durable as monogram canvas. I had a classic gucci tote on which the fabric started fraying within a year and the leather handle started peeling as well.
In addition, LV is at a level of exclusivity that (in my opinion) is only surpassed by Hermes and the other super luxury brands. This isn't one of my reasons for choosing LV but for some others it may be. The fact that LV never goes on sale, for example, and that the bags hold their value extremely well, can also be additional reasons. I have seen Gucci bags go on sale for 40% off within a season of their release.
I personally just love its style. It's emblematic, matches with everything, stands for good quality and the finer things in life, and the styles are so cutting edge (there's more to LV than just monogram canvas). I could go on and on... :love:
Don't worry if you don't "feel the love" for LV though! I have tons of friends who prefer Chanel or Dior for example waaaaay over LV. We can't all like the same things. Plus Gucci has some hot stuff too!


got tempted easily!
Apr 11, 2006
In my defense, LV are more affordable, more variety plus I love the idea that "never go on sale", not to mention classic. Regarding having more than 10 or 20 + bags..well it's so darn addicting! Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get LV bugs.