Why Louis Vuitton needs Richard Prince

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. This was an interesting article!

    "The measure of his success will not be the sales of Richard Prince bags in Vuitton stores: the true measure of his success will be the sales of fake Richard Prince bags on Canal Street."

    ^^LOL... Very true!
  2. thanks for the article, very interesting!
  3. I read that all of the Richard Prince bags are going to be under $1000... Is this true?
  4. No idea it's way too early to know what will be released, when and how much it'll sell for.

    Honestly though I can't see them all being under $1000 maybe a couple of small bags but not all
  5. It would be great if they were under 1000... i'd love to see them.
  6. Louis Vuitton sells handbags and luggage mostly, so it's doing with bags what Haute Couture has been doing for fashion houses like Chanel and Dior for years. It's genious.

    IMO LV has three depertements which is why I think they're so successful; the main line, ready made, ready to wear standard items from the epi, mono, damier etc lines, allows "everyone" to have a little luxury. Then there are the Seasonal RTW items that are the most artsy and far out items "fashion items" for collectors. The third section is the costume made section that allows customers to get the "real luxury" of old days, their every wish for a design is fulfilled.

    Thanks for posting this, it's VERY interesting, even if it doesen't hold any true prediction of the sales of the forthcoming collection of RTW.

    How many of them that will be under 1000 depends on a lot of things IMO, f.ex how easily the degrade items sold. I don't think there'll be many under 1000 at all.
  7. Ooops I just re-read the site where I saw that and I misread! I knew that was TOO good to be true!! LOL
  8. Thanks for posting this! You know I actually kind of like the Prince bags! I like the writings on it and the mixing of colours. I think it's great that they are experimenting with different bags, otherwise the collection will just seem boring and passé. It's good for a company to go against the "norm" and seem like they are leading the pack.
  9. What in interesting article. It really does make sense, and I guess I know now why they are making the upcoming bags "different"..... for shock value, to TURN HEADS....and it's only for one season, and I suppose they have NOTHING to lose, but EVERYTHING to gain if it's a hit !!!
  10. A few things that are interesting to me from the article. The quote "Sometimes, increasing sales can devalue a brand so much that it becomes worthless." Immediately this brings to mind Burberry. They flooded the market and the end result was there was nothing "special" about the brand anymore, it wasn't exclusive. I think the product remained the same, i.e high quality, but that isn't enough when the market is overwhelmed with your prouct.

    Also Salmon stated, "The worst thing it can do, in such a context, is allow itself to get stale: it has to be ahead of the curve, in order to keep its entire inventory desirable. The Prince bags serve that purpose: so long as Vuitton is putting out stuff like that, no one is going to consider the brand to be passé." I agree, we all admire, repsect and adore monogram for the tradition it represents. However, there needs to be more than a harkening back to the days of old, tradition is not enough in the world of fashion IMO. You need to stay creative and keep your buyers frantic for your product. The mainstays will not be able to keep you on the fashion forefront, they will make you money, but I would argue by moving in the direct of Marc Jacobs and Richard Prince, Vuitton is suggesting that they want to be more than a cash cow.

    And finally, "In fashion, complacency is death. Vuitton can't stay close to its roots and maintain its present level of sales: if the brand isn't changing, then it's dying." I totally agree! I don't think they should acculturate or assimilate to every fashion trend, but they do need to say in line with the trends. Respect the past, while looking toward the future. The 2 time periods have a symbiotic relationship, without one there cannot be the other.
  11. I think its a great thing that LV is doing all these collaborations with different artists, such as prince, murakami, etc. Its a great way to do something different and create recongition for not only for the brand, but for artists.

    in my opinion, it seems that back in the day, being able to indulge in art works was a sign of luxury, but now adays you always hear about starving artists and such. so with the collaborations, its a way of reconizing the art world.

    I hope i make sense =D
  12. I agree...the line needs to have classics, but it also needs to keep up with the trends. I like that LV is introducing different, funkier bags each season.
  13. thanks for sharing that article :tup: i think everyone should read it - especially the haters. i totally agree, LV runway bags are indeed the haute couture of accessories. they may be very outlandish and terribly faddish sometimes, but the ideas, shapes, colours and special effects do influence the course for the rest of them. the MJ&LV dvd also talks about this.
  14. OK...so not a huge fan of this season's line (YET!)....and I completely understand the argument and logic of this argument...however I still wonder if it is too far?
    Although, on the other hand, I can see something happening here...creating demand for exclusivity. For example, this line is a bit haute couture therefore I see this line costing a pretty penny. So because of this they will make less pieces. Then everyone will start talking about it and hyping it up...and then they won't be available.
    And voila...next season the waitlists fill up again :smile:

    I think the BIGGEST thing they can do this season is to not release more than a couple of these Richard Prince bags....and slow down with the releases. Let the customer breathe for more than a week...let them start jonesing (for lack of a better word) for something new!

    I think right now the market is becoming so saturated with LV, as we see more and more bags under 1K and even under $800, that we need a seasont to breathe. Release a couple bags, high priced...maybe one reasonably priced bag around $2K....and then next season we'll be begging for me.