Why Knot?

  1. OK, ladies... does anyone have any idea why some people prefer to tie a knot in the tassel where it attaches to the o-ring, rather than leaving the original (and fully functional) "tension loop" that the bag came with?

    i've seen it on several occasions, but it seems to me that the knot would eventually pull loose, so I don't get it... :shrugs:

    Please see the pic below for an illustration:
    AK 3.jpg
  2. Maybe they forget how the original was attached when they replace their tassels??? I could see myself removing the old one first then not remembering how to put the new one on the correct way...
  3. agreed. i never know how to retie to make it look like a "tension loop". my friend has no problem redoing my tassles bc she says she was an engineering major? i dont get it....
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. its just personal preference..i guess..
  6. the tension know type thingy that came with mine is done by bending the tassel in half, then pushing the loop through the o-ring and then pulling the ends through that loop... just in case you didnt want the knot.

    hehe- i thought this thread was about how people knotted the ends of their tassels- dont like that myself...
  7. mocean, thank you for helping us "tension loop" challenged girls.:supacool:
  8. dude, worse than ladies who braid their tassles (sorry if anyone here does it, but I'm really not happy when I see braided tassles).. or make little knots throughout the entire length of the tassle. I've seen both cases.
  9. nope, tassels definitely need to be tension looped and free flowing! (talk about having a language all our own!!)
  10. i know exactly how you feel! WHY-o-why do they do that?? i've seen it too and everytime i cringe... is it because their tassels split and they dont like that? :yucky:
  11. it just seems like one of those things you think is a good idea when you're slightly buzzed, and then- when you sober up you realize it wasn't such a good idea. :tispy: -> :hysteric:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. have no idea, it's personal i guess.
  14. Yes!! For me, that is exactly what happened. I never would have thought to braid my tassels, but when they split, I decided to try the braid instead of replacing. I think it looks cute!

    As far as the knots go, I notice that the older bags seem to have them and the newer ones have the tension loop.
  15. ^ yeah, I was going to say that!!! on some of my older bags, it is knotted on - and they still have the extra tassels... so it couldn't have been replaced........