Why? Just need to vent.

  1. Okay tPF-mommies, I need you to explain something to me- why have a baby if you're not going to do everything possible to make it healthy?

    *sigh* I was at a bachelorette party yesterday and one of the guests was a very pregnant 22 year old girl. Throughout the day I watched the girl drink an extra strong dacquiri, a glass of wine, and at least 3 vodka and sprites. Did I mention she smoked 3 cigarettes as well? She may have drank more later, but I was so disgusted by it, I was suppose to stay overnight, I instead chose to go home instead. I just couldn't be around that any longer. I mean, seriously, that kid is going to be born with eight heads or flippers!

    I, a person who doesn't particularly like children, was sooooo upset just watching this. :crybaby:I may not be a big fan of children, but it's just so beyond my comprehension that if you want a kid, you'd so such terrible things to it before it's even born.

    Anyway, there's no real point to this post. It just really upset me to watch and I needed to vent.
  2. I would be upset too if i were you. Being pregnant has made me think about nothing but how to cherish my baby's health. I see pregnant women smoke and drink and it totally breaks my heart.
  3. I know what you mean~ I too cannot handle irresponsible women carrying children. I personally feel there should be a no tolerance rule instated by the government. As the child grows he/she will have neurological deficits which may impede physical/mental growth. Then "we" as citizens have to pay for therapy and dissability. Forget the fact that the poor child had NO CHOICE in the matter whatsoever. And has not even had a fair go to begin with.

    It is absolutley disgusting and abhorable.
  4. yuk. I totally understand. I don't see why if its illegal to feed alcohol to an underage child why isn't it illegal to smoke and drink while pregnant?
  5. OMG, That just irritates the HELL out of me. I would have left as well. We were out to dinner last weekend and I saw a VERY pregnant lady go outside THREE times to smoke. I wanted to say something so bad. It makes me sick. SICK. (Im not pregnant, nor do I have childern) this is just something that I feel really strongly about and it makes me so upset when I see it happening.
  6. I agree. I feel the same way! That's just so horrible.
  7. I was just thinking....if she had that much to drink at the party...she most likely has a hangover today. Which means the baby is most likely still drunk...jillybean, find that dumbass girl after she gives birth and smack the *hit out of her. She might as well have let someone kick her in the stomache...oh my.
  8. Oh man, I would have been hard pressed to keep my mouth shut and not tell off that young mother. And who was *serving* her??? What bar would serve an obviously pregnant woman?? Or what person in general??
  9. Well said! I would have had a VERY hard time keeping my mouth shut as well. It just makes me sick :tdown:
  10. Ugh, how frustrating! And then there are people like DH and I, that would do anything to be able to get pregnant...and would nurture baby with the utmost care!
  11. I would've told her to stop, or at least ask her politely "aren't you pregnant`?".
  12. I can't believe how sick to my stomach I am!!! No one at the party thought to say something? I am at a total loss for words...
  13. omg that is terrible! I would have felt sick to my stomach watching her drink and smoke. I dont think I would have been able to control myself from saying something. I dont blame you for leaving. How come no one said anything to her?
  14. Some people should not be allowed to have children.:sad:
  15. I was seriously tempted to smack her. I took pictures of her smoking & drinking. I figure I can put the pictures of her smoking & drinking in card & send it to the kid when he/she gets older. At least she/he will have photo evidence of what a craptacular parent she/he has.

    The most annoying part to me was that other girls in the group were giving her sips of their drinks & puffs of their smokes. I was like, "UHM HELLO?! Why are you enabling her?!"

    Their feelings were her body, her choice. I feel that's such BS. I mean, she has another body *inside of her*. That body's not getting a choice about smoke in its lungs & booze in its body, it's being forced on it!