Why Japan, you ask? "Japanese consume 45% of World's Luxury Goods"

  1. Here's an interesting article that may answer your Sophie questions about why LV would possibly cater only to Japanese clientele: http://www.asianoffbeat.com/default.asp?Display=727

    Some bits from the article:

    The article also describes special additions like restaurants, cafes, yoga studios, and cocktail lounges to Gucci, Chanel, and other high-end stores to offer a "hyper luxury" experience.
  2. thanks for sharing such an interesting article... :p
  3. I've read these some where online...

    --- one out of every three Japanese female owns a LV.
    --- If you go to England, you can find new style of Burberry. If you go to Italy, you can find the most new style of Gucci. If you go to France, you can find the most new style of Louis Vuitton. In Japan, you can find them all.
  4. isn't japan the only one with a burberry blue label store? something like that lol.

    i've heard about the omotesando super VIP club. i wonder what the collections of those women are heh.
  5. Interesting article!
    I still wish certain things were sold here, I'd definitely buy them (i.e. the Panda line, I always wanted the Vavin and a Ronde).
  6. <Here's an interesting article that may answer your Sophie questions about why LV would possibly cater only to Japanese clientele>

    I always thought LV catered to anyone willing to spend the $$$ on their products, not just the Japanese. However, I will say after living in Hawaii for 5 years, I was astounded at the number of Japanese women I worked with who did not have money to feed their kids at times but they carried their authentic LV!!! My first husband was Japanese and he tried to explain to me SOME Japanese women treasured their LVs more than family. How sad.:confused1:
  7. Japan is the country that willing to pay top price for high quality. Kudos to the Japanesse people !!!!
  8. Sad indeed. But I don't know if it's a bad reflection on them or their family :sad:
  9. It's interesting how Vuitton has managed to establish the prestige niche anyways - so in the end, everyone carries one ! :graucho:
  10. boo. i still think they should have given us U.S. LV'ers a chance to buy the sophies. T_T
  11. interesting! i kind of wanna see those "over the top" luxury rooms!
  12. I read somewhere that the Japanese Market saved the House of Vuitton in the 70's. Without them, LV would not have survived and we wouldn't have the chance to enjoy the things we own now. :tup:
  13. ITA :crybaby:
  14. interesting article.
  15. Thanks so much for posting that. It's very interesting!