Why I've decided to not buy on LVR

  1. 20 days ago, I went on LVR website to buy my first Paddington (..the Baby) at least..
    ..I was very excited and happy to realize my dream...When I saw that 30% sales was disappeared and I hadn't a great budget!!
    After one week I was very happy when I discovered 30% again..but later I've received a very rude email from LVR in which they told me that my email to ask them about sales was not welcomed..After I was very angered but not surprised: is an italian Costumer service!!Snob and rude like the most of Sa in Italy..:cursing:
    For this reason I've opted for my degree gift to not buy on LVR, renouncing to the Baby Paddington (LVR was the one to have Baby Paddy in sale). Now I'm trying to decide listening your advices in the thread "Please, help me to choose Paddy color!!" , because I've opted for a medium: in my city I've found 30% sales on them..(fortunately..)
    My experience it's not weighty, but absurd: Costumer service should help you..
  2. Oh dear, that's completely rude and unacceptable customer service to tell you that your enquiry is not welcome.

    If you still want a Paddy, Net-a-Porter still has some on sale for more than 30 percent off and their customer service is really top notch.