Why I've been absent the past few weeks :-(

  1. I know this technically isnt' Chanel, but its where I post all the time.

    I've been absent for a couple weeks, because I was without notice "let go" from my job.:crybaby:They Basically cleaned house and have laid off 5 of their top Sr. management.

    My company apparently has a revolving door policy on their employees, and I was one who got stuck in that door. Sucks, since its right before xmas, and I had to say good bye and return some of my fabulous Chanel purchases...:cursing:

    I am luckily interviewing already, and should have a new job soon. But its just so frustrating that a company has no loyalty to its employees but expect the world from them.

    So for now ladies...I am enjoying living vicariously through all your purchase! And I hope you all have a Happy Holiday Season!!
  2. Aww girl, I'm so sorry, how awful! :sad: So much for company loyalty I guess... and right before Christmas too, I would be just as upset, not to mention disillusioned by it all! Hopefully you land a fabulous job soon :love:... and the Chanel goodies will be there waiting for you to bring them home soon enough, so don't worry! ;) I'm sure you'll land a great job in no time, and your old company will be a distant memory (and wondering why the hell they let you go in the first place)! :smile: Happy Holidays! :flowers:
  3. So sorry to hear that. Right before the holidays, that's just awful. I hope you find a new job really soon with an employer who values you as an employee.:yes:
  4. Sorry to hear about your job loss and especially before X-mas. I'm sure you'll get one in no time at all since you're already in the interviewing process. Good luck on your interviews. You'll be able to buy back those Chanels. Happy holidays to you too.
  5. Aw shmoo, so sorry to hear about that, how awful!! :sad:

    Best of luck on your interviews, hopefully you will find a new job soon. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you :tup:

    Happy holidays to you too :heart:
  6. Schmoo, I'll join you in living vicariously through others' purchases.

    I'm sorry you lost your job, but I'm sure you'll find something very soon.
  7. Oh shmoo! You'll be ok - perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

    As a senior manager, I'm sure you have plenty of experience and you'll fins something in no time - the fact that you're already interviewing is a great sign!

    ...and don't worry about the chanels; I live vicariously through everyone anyway, job or not LOL!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear your news, a big hug and good luck at the interviews, I'm sure all the girls here are willing you on to get an even better job! yayyyyyyy
  9. Good luck with your interviews! What a horrible employer. I hope your next one appreciates you in the manner that you rightfully deserve. :yes:
  10. That is horrible.
    How could they do something like that (can you sue for unfair dismissal? etc)
    Good luck with interviews and everything. Just enjoy the holiday season for now and think about work after :smile:
  11. shmoo I'm so sorry for that :sad:!totally unproffessional of them =they could have just given you a notice before!!!:cursing:
    I'm sure to you'll get another job and hope that this happened for the better!:yes:
    Don't worry about returning some of your bags you'll get better ones in the future!
    I wish you all the success with the interview and I'M VERY GLAD YOU'RE BACK WITH US!:smile:hugs!:love:
  12. aww.. I know how you feel but you are already having interviews so hopefully you will have a job in no time and be able to buy your Chanels back! However as long as your okay and get your job security back that is all that really maters so good luck and I wish you all the best
  13. Oh I am sorry to hear that. Here's the cyber hugxx and good luck for your interviews.
  14. hi shmoo--i'm terribly sorry to hear about you being let go esp at the holidays:sad:....i hope you still have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends :heart:( us, of course, too!).:yes:
    things happen for a reason, and i hope for bigger and better things in 2008 for you:tup:......keep your chin up!:flowers:
  15. You know what they say...one door closes and another one opens. Althought it may feel lousy now, at some point soon you will realize that it was all for the best.

    Good luck with finding that next level of professional happiness and Chanel will be waiting....