Why its important to get the Chanel Box

  1. Evidently Neimans and Saks have a new policy - when you return a chanel bag, you must return the chanel box. :confused1: I returned a chanel bag today to Neimans (its tax time....) and the manager had to process the return because I did not have the chanel box. The bag was BNWT, obviously never used, received within the last 4 weeks and I had a receipt. I did not have the box because when I bought the bag I did not WANT the box - did not want to lug it around the mall! :wtf: So ladies, if you are like me and don't normally get a chanel box, make sure you do from now on - the same "box" policy applies at Saks also. The NM sales associate who I originally went to for the return said that in the past few months there has been a lot of focus on getting the box back with the return. This is such a stupid policy - if chanel can charge on average over $2000/bag, you would think they could ship some extra boxes to the stores. (supposedly the reason they need the boxes back is because customers want boxes when they buy the bags and the stores are running out of boxes...:cursing: )

    Has this happened to anyone else or only in the DC/VA area?
  2. OH gosh! I live in that area and that is a horrible policy!
  3. I think that they need to controlo returns. I never got a authenticity card with my bag , nor a correct box. I can understand not having a box, most people dont keep them. I think they might have been giving you a hard time about the box, I know most stores dont care
  4. wow! I will have to remember that from now on! Crazy
  5. i actually am so picky myself when i buy chanel bags i want it to be in its own box (because supposedly the bar code sticker on the box should match the number on the authentic card and the number on the hologram sticker inside the bag. I don't feel "complete" if one of these is missing.
  6. I think it's reasonable for you to return the box it came it when it comes to Chanel bags. Because then the next person who buys your bag will have it with the proper info on the side of the box.

    But now you know and you'll remember to at least keep the box for a while until you decide to cut the tags and use it.
  7. The SA's know me, so I don't think they were purposefully giving me a hard time. I understand the reason for the policy, as posted above, some people really want the box, my issue is that if this is the policy they need to tell everyone. :smile: If they want to control returns, impose time limits etc., that's fine with me also - as long as I know ahead of time, which is why I try to stay away from the chanel boutiques!
  8. The NYC 57th St Chanel boutique just bungs it in a box that fits and the number on the box doesn't match the bag. In fact, I have to ask for a box to get one.
  9. yes, they should let ppl know ahead of time. that's why i actually had a problem with NM because they make themselves look like so they are so relaxing about accepting returns, when in fact they monitor your NM account and if they think you return too many stuff they can suspend your NM account! I rather shop at the boutique because they always make it clear about their return policy!
  10. Thats nuts
  11. Wow, glad to know this..
    I had my medallion tote repaired at Neimans and when I took it in, I gave the original box and everything- they took it all and when I came back to get my bagm there was no box and I asked for it, she told me that i did not leave it or else they would have it. NOT I know what I left, so she gave me another box, that does not match my bag/card- its a good thing i am keeping her.
    I have even bought jewelry at the chanel boutique and they gave me a box for the cuff bracelet.... I did not realize til i got home...
  12. another thought, if they are going to require the box on the return- then they need to make sure that everything they sell out of there stores has everything- box,bag and authenticity card, even the correct price tag...
    i have seen stories of a few people buying bags with not auth card- never would i do that.. why dont they have it...
  13. Yes, some Chanels show up at my Saks Off 5th b/c they although they are in perfect condition, no one in the store will buy them b/c the card does not come with it.
  14. If they sold it in a box, and if it gets returned, I don't blame the store for wanting the box back too. If you return shoes, they expect you to return them in the box, so why should a bag be any different. Just MHO.
  15. I think everyone is missing the point here..COUGESS did NOT get the box to begin with..She opted NOT to take it as it was big .....
    Maybe they should notate on the recipt that customer did not get a box so returns are easier????