Why it pays to get to know your SA...


I love lamp.
Jul 24, 2006
she slipped me the new catalog today! :yahoo:

Carly bags. YUM.

New Pond color (a light not quite sky, not royal blue, but an in between shade, but closer to the lighter) YUM.

Signature Stripe goodies in punch (pink), light blue, white, and black and white. YUM. Oh yes, and a Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote!!!

Legacy bags in khaki sig/white leather. :drool:

Embossed leather Hamptons accessories in white.

Patchwork flower charm!

Signature scarf in a gorgeous shade called "pear." A lovely, lovely green.

Legacy tote.

A light blue signature print with white leather.

Hampton's stripes with matching scarves attatched to them (sorta like the denim resort bags)

I'm still taking it all in. LOL.