Why isn't worth rushing for new game systems...rant (I apologize)

This is a bit of a rant...so bear with me :sad:

Last xmas I was one of 100 that stood in line outside a Best Buy store in Ontario to get an Xbox 360 for my Boyfriend. Days after the release of the console people all over the world started having issues with the system, some claimed the games froze some others the system didn't even start.

Well I guess we were some of the lucky few that didn't get a lemon. However when we set it up we quickly found out that even though the system claims to be "backwards compatible" with old Xbox games you have to download a patch from the xbox website, burn a copy of the patch in a cd and install it in the system's hard drive. So much for plug and play.

Anyways after that the system worked not too bad it msotly served as dvd player in our room and we only really played two games. About three weeks ago as I was going to watch a movie the screen froze and the "ring of light" started flashing all sorts of red lights. Which is how people were able to tell that their system was a lemon. Here goes Renata, running to research what to do nt he XBOXwebsite, so I found some trouble shooting tips that didn't work. So next step...send the system to microsoft for warranty repairs...but first I had to find the box (that you have to keep because otherwise there is no way they'll take your xbox back) and the warranty manual which once I found sent me into shock because it casually lets you know that the system only has a 90 day limited warranty.Grrrr... we paid well over 500 dollars for this console and the warranty was useless.

So my BF called microsoft which meant talking to someone in India who after keeping on hold for 1 hour finally gave him the address to send the console (which is at a repair depot 20 minutes away from where we live). We sent the system about 3 weeks ago, so yesterday we were wondering where oh where is our console...

well he called microsft again...on hold for 40 minutes...all to find out they lost our system:cursing: ...they misplaced it sorry.
Fortunately we will be getting a brand new system, but t is just unbelievable how bad customer service has been getting.

Word of advice before you buy any of this "new" systems stay away from the first batch...wait at least a few months until they resolve all the bugs and glitches before putting so much money down. You might end up with a lemon. ALso make sure what kind of warranty the console has because they are pretty short for such expensive gadgets.

I pm'd a fellow PF'r to tell her how when they unveiled the PS3 in Toronto they had to keep resetting the systems because they kept freezing throuhout the night.

Sorry for the rant but I had to share this experience, specially since there are so many of you buying this for yourselves, SO or kids.


May 7, 2006
I typically agree with that! We bought the second shipment of XBox 360 last year (mid-December release) and we had the lemon with red rings....downloaded all the patches though and haven't had problems since (and ours gets used about 5-6 hours per day)!
Wow you were lucky the patches worked...ours wouldn't even go past the xbox logo before it started flashing like a crazy disco ball.
It seems manufacturers rush so much to get their product out without doing all the testing and then us consumers have to pay for their carelessness


Jun 28, 2006
I have talked to many people that said the first batch of PS3 or any new system will not be good. Many people are returning them and waiting until future tests are done on it.


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Feb 5, 2006
Well I know most of us are saying this because we like purses and don't see the extreme fascination with video games. But trust if I told my BF to wait for the next batch, he'd probably disown me. People want what they want when they want it. Defects or not he wants it now.


140 lbs lighter
Feb 5, 2006
We keep receipts. I made him get a receipt wall just like me. Now the box...he would probably keep that because it's a "momento" of the moment.

I believe mello_yello_jen is sitting outside in the cold today for one...my boyfriend is going alone today. I need to take a nap for midnight madness.


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Oct 13, 2006
Well, I personally just don't get it. I have learned from stories of so many faulty products NEVER to buy the first round. Just a rule that I will always live by. The fact that those game systems are 600 dollars and BF has a friend who sat outside in the cold for 3 days to get this PS3, I think is nothing short of moronic. No, I would not do it for a purse, either. I wouldn't subject myself to that for ANYTHING. Nothing material is worth that much of my personal time.


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May 2, 2006
Yea, I work at a Best Buy in Virginia. I told every customer about the 90 day policy thru Microsoft, and that we have a 2 yr warrenty. Most people bought our warrently, and most of the first shipment got returned with X360. I haven't seen any PS3's get returned...yet. I'm sure it will happen tho, as Japan has already had 40,000 units of their 100,000 sold returned, or so I have heard. I would never uy anything brand new. it's just not worth it to me.


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Jan 2, 2006
We keep receipts. I made him get a receipt wall just like me. Now the box...he would probably keep that because it's a "momento" of the moment.

I believe mello_yello_jen is sitting outside in the cold today for one...my boyfriend is going alone today. I need to take a nap for midnight madness.
good thinking E!!! I was suppose to line up with my bf for the PS3 on release day but lines were too long and I am way too fussy to stand in line with unknown people for over 12 hours.

I hope your bf gets one!
Feb 26, 2006
I am getting the Wii this Christmas. I am not too worried about it. Nintendo products generally don't have quality issues in my experience (having owned every console Nintendo made plus several handhelds since the old NES days). I had a feeling there would be quality issues with the first couple of rounds of PS3s. I remember the PS2s had problems too. Many people I know (my sister included) had to replace their PS2s when they suddenly stopped working after that 90 day warranty had already expired.


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Dec 7, 2005
A guy I work with took off 2 days to stand in line last week for the PS3 launch. He got his home, played it for an hour, and the whole thing crapped out. Sony told him to take it back to the store he got it from and wait for them to get another shipment in.


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Sep 19, 2006
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My son works in electronics retail....he basicall was laughing at the PS3...he said he feels so sorry for all those paying literally thousands for them....he says their demo model freezes, and dies so much it is crazy...typical for first releases.

On the other hand he agrees the wii is basically worry free.


Feb 6, 2006
Orange County
well it's the same reason for cars too. it's a known FACT to NEVER buy a brand new car that's new for that generation or if the car is completely new to the maker period! The camry is a reliable and known car, but even their 6th generation (current 2007+ models) had plenty of transmission slippage problems. It's always recommended to wait a few months (or in a car's case, at least a year until the next year models are out) so that all kinks/defects/etc have been solved.

and one reason why i dont bother rushing for the new video games - my sister. she works as a financial accountant or something higher up for a video game distributer.. and her dept recieved 50 ps3's and a bunch of games.. and since she's higher up, she got one and the games already. of course, she doesn't play.. she gives it to her husband and the kids. lol.