Why isn't my red hair dye staying in after even one shampoo???

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  1. Hi ladies! Quick hair question.

    Backstory... I torture my hair. I admit it. I've been dying it myself since I was in 8th grade, and I'm going to be 25 so that was quite a while ago. I've done every color under the sun... brown, blonde, black, and every shade inbetween. Last summer I decided to go blonde blonde after dying my hair very dark brown for years. Bleached it and dyed it myself, and it actually turned out great. Got sick of it though, and decided to do something drastic and dye it BLACK black. Also worked great. I used Herbal Essance permanant dye in "Black Stilletto." Gorgeous true black color.

    Anyway, me being my quickly bored self, got sick of the black. And this dye was just not going anywhere. It didn't fade a single bit. So... I had to bleach it out. I had to bleach it about 3 times to get the black lifted. (I know, ouch! My poor hair.)

    Anyway I decided I wanted to try all over red for the first time. I bought Feria Power Reds dye in "Ruby Rush." AWESOME COLOR. The first time I put it in, my roots came out great, but the length of my hair that had been dyed black (about 2 inches down from my roots to the ends... I have long hair also) came out very washed out. The yellowy blonde from the bleach was apparent and it was just tinted red. So I waited a few days and put another layer of the Ruby Rush on... it came out SO gorgeous. I absolutely adored the result.

    I had off work the next two days so I didn't shampoo my hair just to really let it sink in. Well last night I finally shampoo'd it... and would you believe a lot of the color just washed right out! I have never had this experience with a permanant hair dye before. At first I thought it was from the bleach but that can't be the case, because my roots were bleached and my roots are holding the color.

    So what can be going on???? Could it be my length is so tortured/damaged that it isn't holding color? And if so what can I do about it? I've been deep conditioning every time I shampoo since I bleached, and I am doing an oil treatment tonight.

    Any suggestions on how to get that pretty red to STAY in my hair??? :confused1:


    (Here is a pic right after I did the second Ruby Rush dye job... I love this and I want it to stay!!!!)
  2. Hate to say it but I think you need to see a stylist to get the red to stay. They have better quality products and dyes. I have been red for years, but see a stylist that uses Goldwell products. I have to go see him every 6 weeks to keep the colour fresh.
    If you overbleach your hair, the red dye has nothing to hang onto so it washes out or fades quickly. I am sure a hairdresser will post and give more details.
  3. I think you need a filler on your hair to grab the color. When I went from over dyed blond highlights to brown I used a filler first and then put the brown on top of it and the color came out perfect. I buy the filler from Sally's beauty supply but I have also seen it in some drugstores. At this point it does sound like you might have totally fried your hair and perhaps professional color correction is the only way to get it right. I really would have to wonder how much of the chemicals you are putting on your hair will have some type of effect on your scalp, hair and body.
  4. Red always fades the fastest, it has something to do with the size of molecules of color. The more fried your hair is, the less it sticks - so frustrating! The best bet is to go and have the last couple inches chopped off so you have less damaged ends, and then invest in a good color-friendly shampoo and color-depositing conditioner and leave it on for a long time.

    It's such a *****, because red fades the fastest, but is most impossible to lift when you want to lighten it back to blonde. Such a pain in the ass.
  5. mandylyn, your hair is porous from the bleach, so that partly explains the red fading. Add to that red hair dye tends to fade faster anyway because of the molecular characteristic of the red colour pigment, which makes it more difficult for your hair to hold onto the dye. Like gillianna mentioned, a filler is what's usually used first, and that helps colour grab onto porous /bleached hair. If you like the red you can help reduce the fading a little by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated to preserve the red. It's a gorgeous colour though and it looks fantastic on you.
  6. Yes, that's exactly what is happening. The damage and bleach has made your hair very porous, so the dye is leeching out quickly.

    You need to use a filler when you color, as everyone else said. If you have a Sally Beauty near you, the SAs there can usually help you pick something and tell you how to mix it - otherwise I'd probably go for a professional colorist.

    While you're at Sally, look for the Aphogee 2-step protein treatment. It comes in a white packet with magenta lettering, runs about $3 for a single use packet. It stinks and is messy, but it is incredible for badly damaged hair (read the reviews on MakeupAlley). Do this BEFORE you color as it does tend to strip. You can even do it immediately before coloring.

    Third, after you color, I'd really try to give your hair a break if you can. Reds fade quickly anyway, use a good color-care shampoo & conditioner, and try to deep condition at least once a week.
  7. Hey mandy!!! :hugs:

    I love the color on you - you are lucky that you can get away with so many different shades - and I agree with the others that red fades the fastest, and that your hair is probably very porous from the bleach so that is affecting its ability to hold on to color.

    I would definitely suggest that you don't wash your hair everyday if at all possible; that you use something like MoroccanOil to keep your hair conditioned on a regular basis; and that you use a good color-depositing shampoo for red hair, alternating it with a regular hydrating shampoo designed for colored hair. I personally like L'Oreal's color depositing shampoos - they are not cheap, but you don't need to use them every day and since you shouldn't be washing your hair more than 3 times a week or so they will last longer. :smile:

    BTW, you can get them at Ulta. It's the pro stuff, that comes in white bottles, and it's usually in the back of the store with the salon haircare. HTH! :heart:

    PS: I have also learned as I am growing out my hair (and coloring it regularly at home) that the blow dryer is not my friend. Since I started air-drying my hair and not washing it as much it is much healthier, and takes to dyeing better. :tup:
  8. What color is your hair naturally?

    #1 - Feria is TERRIBLE for your hair. ESPECIALLY on bleached hair. Honestly, you're lucky it washed out. I used Feria over bleached hair and came out with leopard like spots. I had to pay for color correction. Talk about $$$
    #2 - Bleached hair has no pigment. Nothing (but black) sticks to non-pigmented hair. And red is the hardest color to get to stick... so the forces of nature are against you.

    I recommend dying it an auburn... you get the red, and the brown will add pigment to your hair. Then in a few weeks try the red again.

    For point of reference, I have naturally blonde hair and dye it darker. My stylist added a fire-y red color (much like yours) a few weeks ago. It faded after the 6th wash... so we did it again. 10days later, its fading. I'm going back again. The point I'm making is (1) red is a pain in the @ss :P and (2) its a process. It won't take overnight. Gotta be patient.

    ps... I'd seriously recommend trying the Damage Remedy line by Aveda... especially the deep conditioner. You've put your hair through a lot... you really should let it recover.

    ETA: I have a brand new bottle of red conditioner from Aveda. It deposits color, thus making it last longer. I can't use it because I'm not all over red. If you want it I'll send it to ya if you pm me your address
  9. Beautiful colour btw! and yeah it probably is from all the bleaching. I went platinum blonde every month for a year and when I tried to dye my hair red later on because the bleach was hurting my scalp finally it took a few red dyes to get it to stick! I agree with those who said use shampoos and conditioners for red hair. Those are great!
  10. Thanks everyone! And hey Lo I miss youuu!! Hehe.

    Naturally I think my hair is light brown now. (Haha...think.) It used to be white blonde when I was a kid but around 5th grade it started going darker blonde ever year and by 8th grade I'd say it was dark blonde. It's probably your basic light brown now.

    I've been using John Freida shampoo/cond for red hair, I know they aren't color depositing but I thought I'd try it when I went red haha.

    That's a bummer that Feria is bad for your hair... I have yet to see a color like that ruby red that they have in another brand. It's like the perfect shade of red that is JUST barely not crossing the inappropriate for work line haha.

    Sadly I have to shampoo my hair ever day and blow it dry because of the type of hair I have. I have really fine hair so if I skip a shampoo it just looks disgusting oily and flat. Grr.

    I'm starting to think I should just do a brown over it and forget about it for a few months. :sad: Sad though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the color in the picture. But if it doesn't stay in my poor hair I can't justify doing it over and over when I know it won't make a difference. My poor strands have just had enough I think haha.

    Oh and aside from the Freida conditioner I'm using I also got "Dumb Blonde" hair reconstructer by Bed Head, and also a reconstructing conditioning treatment by pantene. They are both helping with the damage drastically, but apparently not enough for that dye to stick.

    Do you guys think a brown will cover the red so I can just let my hair grow out for a while? And since Feria is bad what should I use? I've used Garnier, Garnier 100% color, the natural instincts semi permanent by clairol, loreal superior preference... let's just say I've dabbled in them all haha. Are any ones fairly good to your hair? I don't want to torture it more, but I can't keep it this yucky washed out color. I'd rather be brown than washed-out-red.
  11. If you have a beauty supply place I'd recommend going there. I think you should try an auburn... you'd still have a red hue to it, especially when the sun hits your hair, but when it fades it won't be a pink or maroon color.

    Dying your hair darker/brown is far better than bleaching it. It can actually help your hair become stronger again.

    For the life of me I can't remember why Feria is so bad for your hair. I'll ask my girl the next time I talk to her.

    Regarding the dumb blonde, I'd stop using that and switch to something for darker hair. The dumb blonde has stuff in it to strip the brassiness from blonde hair. It tends to overdry hair, especially when used on a regular basis.
  12. Really? On the back it says for all shades of hair. It's a protein reconstructer or something.

    And I believe it about Feria. Would you believe after I used it my hair was worse than after I used the bleach? And I bleached it TWICE. And yet it was still worse after I used the Feria than after I bleached. I was shocked, I've never had my hair react that way to dye. The first time I used the Feria, when I rinsed it out and went to brush my hair, I couldn't even brush it!!!!!!! It was such a mess. That's when I got back in the shower, slathered the pantene stuff all over my hair, and I literally then left it in all night to sleep because I was so scared haha. Then I could at least brush it the next day, it helped a lot.

    I'm just so bummed I love that color! Which brings me to another question actually. I did some google searching and I found this amazing shot of beautiful red hair and did a little digging, and on her blog someone asked what she used and she said "Loreal MajiContrast in Red." So then I searched for that, and while it is a salon dye I did find one website that sells it, Shampooline.com.

    Anyone know anything about the site? Think I could try that?


    Thanks hair experts! I need all the help I can get at this point haha.
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    You can try the brown, but since your hair is so badly damaged, one of two things is likely going to happen - either the color won't take at all (just like the red), or your hair is going to really "grab" the color and end up practically black and probably unevenly colored. My hair was badly damaged from heat styling and coloring a few years ago and I had to stop using any colors that had anything remotely brown about them ("light brown" or "light auburn brown" would turn jet black on me).

    If you're intent on doing it at home, try the Aphogee protein treatment I suggested earlier prior to coloring. Let it sit on your hair for about an hour at least. Then I'd use a temporary color like Clairol Natural Instincts that won't damage your hair so badly. You will have to re-color fairly often but it isn't as damaging as a permanent color. They have some nice vibrant reds, too. Deep condition afterwards and at least once per week (probably more, in your situation). Use a GENTLE shampoo for color treated/damaged hair. Biolage hydratherapie line is great stuff and won't strip your color, and their conditioning balm is fantastic.

    I honestly think you need to give your hair a break and perhaps visit a stylist and see if they can trim it up and perhaps do some color correction so you can let the damage start to grow out. Washing & blowdrying daily, plus all the bleaching and coloring - if you keep attempting to color, eventually your hair is either going to melt or just start breaking off.
  14. You really should just not put any more dye on your hair for a few weeks. And stop heat styling your hair. Do a lot of conditioning and use a color depositing product or something like Manic Panic/Special Effects. Your hair needs to heal, and the more dying you do the worse it'll be.

    If you keep going at this yourself, you're going to melt your hair and need it all cut off.
  15. i too have had this happen i wanted to be a red head so i tried to do it myself after the whole bleaching it numerous times thing. came out like a pink lol. so went to the salon they recommended doing a medium brown to cover the stain. it worked but eventually slowly faded to a golden brownish blonde. i decided to go back to bleaching it for another year. when i moved to ft.lauderdale i was in the mindset to go to my natural color lol.strawberry blonde/golden blonde. they did a buncha filling and stuff it looked like crap though it was like a muddy color lol. so i then said do it red next week. it was soooo pretty let it sit for 2 days before washing. it washed out so much. i was pissed. so i just said im meant to be blonde lol. now i am a golden blonde!!!! i put my hair through hell. red is so hard to achieve but if you can get it to work eventually enjoy it!!!! the idea of doing it an auburn to add brown would help alot im sure.