Why isn't my new Chloe Paddy selling??

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  1. I posted a new Chloe baby paddy with shoulder strap on ebay a couple of days ago and it is only at $405...I have sold numerous high end items, bags, etc and have great feedback. I am assuming it is because of Christmas. When do you all suggest relisting items on ebay? I had a beautiful authentic Gucci bag on there that was worth over $1000 and bidding stopped at $250 :crybaby: Any suggestions when I should start up again??
  2. It is hard selling Chloe on ebay. They usually only have about 400-500 listings & there are so many fakes... I have had one bag up since August (in my store) and anothe bag up now for the second time.
  3. Also, there have been some good Chloe sales recently, which might have cut into the market. After Christmas there will probably be other sales, so I wouldn't list anything likely to be also on sale then. Wait a bit.
  4. Hi Kristie, I sell a lot on Ebay. I tried to check on Ebay to take a look at your auction. I didn't see it - in the title did you put chloe baby paddington? I also looked at the closed auctions. I'm not sure how much you sell on Ebay, but it is so important to put all the proper search words in. Also, highlighting your auction only cost $5.00, but it makes it stand out from the crowd. On an expensive item which is subject to being counterfeited, I generally pay the extra fifty cents to add a subtitle that states something along the lines that this is a authentic, not a cheap Asian fake. You probably already know all of this, but if you don't, maybe this will help. :wlae: Also, Ebay is really strange with regard to ideal listing times. Generally my family and I travel during the Christmas holidays. One year we stayed home, and I listed stuff with ending times for the week following Christmas. I thought my sales would be really low. However, I had some of my best sales ever. I guess a lot of people receive Christmas money, and they want to buy something they have always wanted. Mid January to late January is another good time - tax refunds. I belong to Hammertap, and it lets me research what the prior year's sales where for a given month period. It also lets me look at search terms that were used in successful auctions. If you want me to take a look at anything for you, just let me know. :drinks: And the little smilies should be holding coffee cups - not beer. I'm having my morning coffee, and it is a great way to start my day - seeing what is going on at the Purse Forum. :smile:
  5. I think I see your bag and it's BEAUTIFUL! Is it the all black one? I see that you have 12 bids on it. I can't imagine why the current bid is so low (currently $405.) as you can see it's a great bag. Then again, maybe everybody's waiting until the last few minutes to bid. That's what I do. Good luck!
  6. Hi,
    As a newbie, it's really hard for me to tell a fake from the real thing. Right now, there is a Chloe paddy from a guy in canada on ebay that's listing at $29.99 as a starting bid. It makes me suspect it's not the real thing, yet he puts on his website "authentic".

    Can you as sellers tell if a bag is authentic? I know that ebay wants us to report fakes, especially those that are sold as the real thing.

    I've only stuck to buying Coach bags and only from reputable dealers who have many ratings, and even then I check with Coach. But I really like the red Chloe paddy. Haven't done any searches to find out if this is even a colour produced by Chloe in the paddington.

    It does look HEAVY though!!

    Any comments?

  7. My opinion is that ebay is so over run with Chloe items now since all the majors stores had drastic markdowns on Chloe items recently. I have had a Tekla listed FOUR times. I paid almost $1700 for it and I have it reduced about $700 off that. Thats a MAJOR loss, and still theres only 9 people watching it. And I didnt buy it on sale, I paid full price at Chloe for it. Another reason to me is that everyone carries Chloe now, at least here in the OC. Why do I want a bag that everone else has?

    I guess thats one of the reasons why I dont buy or wear Chloe anymore...cause everyone else is too! And once again, thats my opinion.

    It is also a bad time of year, people are saving money for Xmas.

    Good luck on your sale! I hope you find a buyer for your bag!
  8. I think the Chloe sales everywhere have a definite effect – many bags are going at 30-50% off, and even Paddys in popular designs and colours. I would always prefer buying from an authorized online dealer rather than eBay.