Why isn't BV more popular?

  1. Do you think it's because it lacks logos?

    I sincerely hope BV will not go the way of Tods... Tods is adding more and more logos to their bags.
  2. People who know, will KNOW BV. :biggrin:
  3. I don't frequent this section of tPF, but I saw this topic on the main page.

    I could recognize a BV bag thanks to this forum, but I'm sure there are many reasons. Like you stated, one could be that there's a lack of logo (not saying it's a bad thing, but people seem to automatically shift their attention to a logo-ridden bag if you know what I mean!) & secondly, I don't think BV fits my age group (I'm 18). It looks a bit more mature & for the older crowd. :yes:
  4. BV has never had logos and has been in business for a long time. As for it looking old, I think that they do make a wide range of styles .... some, like last season's studded hobo are very rocker chick and quite unusual for BV. I think the woven style is something you either like or not ... though they are branching out into more exotics and there are usually several designs in smooth leathers as well. It all comes down to individual taste - I think those who have tried BV and seen the quality and craftsmanship really tend to stick with the bags....
  5. Another reason in Canada I think is that there are soooo few places that actually sell BV so there just isn't the same recognition you would get with more well-known bags that are carried in many more stores and boutiques. I had never heard of or seen (to my knowledge) a BV until this past fall... and even since getting the BV bug in October I've only seen two other people carrying them.
  6. ITA! Some people associate BV only with the woven leather style bags and this is not everyones cup of tea, I personally am glad that they fly under the radar, once a brand becomes too popular you get unreasonable price hikes, huge amount of counterfeiting, every second person has one and then it really feels like it's time to move on.
  7. ^I agree, I like a little exclusivity to my bags and don`t want everyone passing me by with the exact same bag in their hands!

    The reasons, IMO, lie in advertising and PR. Bottega Veneta has a rich history reaching back to the founders, the family Moltedo, similar to other houses founded in the last century such as Balenciaga or Chloé.

    While you would never see a Balenciaga bag on their runway show and most of the BBags owners never in any of those Glamazon-outfits, BV targets the same group with all of their products, therefore having a smaller range of people the various products appeal to, plus BV chooses actively to stay under the radar, by not advertising as much as any brands, by not giving out pieces for free for photo ops etc.
  8. Prior to Tomas Maier taking over their designs, BV did a few logo bags. I remember seeing them at Nordstrom. They were not cute (they were canvas and had little "BV"'s all over) and I'm glad they did away with them. They were also doing butterfly's as kind of a logo look, too. They've brought the butterfly back for this summer. The signature weave is "logo" enough for me.
  9. I had never heard of BV until joining tPF and a BV is definately on my wish list! I am glad its not as popular and seen everywhere on everyones arm. That is one of the reasons also I am drawn to it.Like kidd_p says, the signature weave is a "logo"
  10. I think one reason is the youth factor. I have a friend who always thought they looked too matronly till she saw and felt mine. I do think of them as a grown-up bag, but that's fine with me, since I'm a grown up (mid-thirties and about to be a mom.)

    I'd also say that price point might be another. You can get a Balenciaga for 1000-1200 and from what I understand, LVs for less that that (never looked at LV so don't really know), but it's tough to get a BV around that price.
  11. Until I "got interested in bags" these bags did not appeal to me at all!! I thought that they looked too mature and kind of boring. . . Now however, after collecting bags for a few years and learning more about leathers and different brands, I think that they are stunning. I think that they can look youthful or more mature depending upon your own look - a true classic that will stand the test of time. And that makes them SUPER appealing to me now!
  12. I think any bag can be dressed up or down - I've seen photos of Hermes Kellys with jeans and t-shirts that look great, and yet they are formal structured bags that are known as being very lady like. So .... it's also in how you put together the total look, I think.
  13. I am getting concerned about the new butterfly bags, and the usage of butterflies on polos, shoes, etc...I hope Bottega is not caving under the pressure from PPR to produce more "logoed" and cheaper priced goods so that everyone and their dog can have brandish a piece BV and feel the power of "stealth wealth"...
  14. But I am hoping to get BV collars for my dogs one of these days! I do agree with your sentiments foxie-pooh, although I've seen interviews with Tomas Maier where he has expressly said he does not want BV to do that (at least with respect to producing cheaper priced goods...).
  15. I think they are using the butterfly motif moderately... if anything, it's the intrecciato that BV is known for, even in its current collection. But I agree - I would hate to see it become "logo-fied"....