Why isn't Burberry more popular?

  1. I've never been a big fan of Burberry bags; I think the classic novacheck (and variations thereof) are really cute and classic, but a bit overdone, even more so than LV mono if possible. I've also increasingly lost interest in them because after I experienced the ultra luxe goatskin and lambskin of Balenciaga and Chanel, there was no turning back to PVC.

    Recently, however, I discovered Burberry has really come out with some GORGEOUS luxe leather bags - I quickly fell in love with the black/brown quilted leather Manor bags, the leather satchels, and most recently the Knight stud and metallic mesh bags more and more celebrities are touting. Though Burberry is still laden in plaid, it is also coming up with fresher more luxe bags that are more competitive with the other top designers.

    So question is, do you think it's working? Do you think people are increasingly more willing to pay the same $1500+ price for these Burberry bags as the other gorgeous bal and chanel bags? Or maybe Burberry has already been imprinted with a certain reputation and people aren't as willing to pay top dollar for their stuff, regardless of how they look? I don't know...As a Chanel and Balenciaga lover who is now so drawn to Burberry bags for the same reasons, I find it hard to believe I'm alone :p ...or am I? :shrugs:

    Posting some of my favorite pictures of my favorite Burberry bags here.

  2. I love the leather bags in the pics here...this is just my personal opinion but I am not into the novacheck. I think it's beautiful but the tan colors just don't go with any of my wardrobe. I might consider a nice pochette or wallet but honestly plaid is just not my thing.

    However I do drool over the leather bags whenever I'm at Nordstrom...hmmm...maybe some day!
  3. I love the new big "Super Nova Check"; but you have to be very disciplined if you want to wear it, because it doesn't allow any other patterns. So if I want to use my Nova Check bag, I wear either black or camel/beige colours. Then it looks really good!
    We have a lot of tourists from Japan here in Hameln and most of the ladies have Burberry bags; the problem is that they mix this pattern with pink t-shirts or even striped blouses and that is just horrible!

    I guess that is one of the reasons why Burberry isn't so popular; btw, this afternoon I bought the Burberry Manor in dark berry red patent leather! I am soooo looking forward to it! :heart:

    Here's the picture:
  4. Oooooo, what's this red bag called?? It's gorgeous!!! :love: :love:

  5. I love the Big Super Nova Check pattern!
    Regina, the Burberry Manor in dark cherry is TDF! Congrats.
  6. I like the novacheck... I usually wear it when I am wearing all black. It makes a good look.... In MI; it's pretty popular.... scarves, jackets, vests...anything burberry is craveable. I've loved it for about 4 years....
  7. yeah, novacheck is extremely popular, which is why it's faked so much in scarves, jackets, vests, bags...but i guess my question is, now that they've started to make more and more gorgeous luxe leather bags, why hasn't Burberry been gaining popularity in the luxe leather category that contains its competitors like balenciaga and chanel?

    sharbear - that bag is truly stunning. it's red croc though i believe, which retailed for over $22,000 and is no longer available as far as i know. i purchased this bag in quilted black leather, and it should be coming this week...hope it's just as gorgeous.
  8. I think Burberry still has this slightly old fashioned image, because in the past ( I am thinking of the 80s and early 90s) there only were very conservative looking and not too young people dressed in Burberry. They haven't got rid of that image yet. But I think they will, especially since Burberry is so hot in Asia also among younger people.
  9. Thanks for the info rainyjewels! Have you seen any modelling pics of this bag (e.g. on a celebrity)? Would be interested to know what it looks like on. Congrats on your new bag!! Did you get it on sale? If so, do you know if there are any still available and in what colours?

    TIA!!!!!! :flowers:
  10. I actually like Burberry's old fashioned image. But I think of them like I think of Ralph Lauren and I don't want to pay their prices. I would wear everything Burberry if their clothes were competitively priced.
  11. I'm not sure about other countries but in Asia, burberry is very popular and is gaining popularity among working ladies who have already owned plenty of lv & gucci bags and looking for something that is understated (no lv/gucci words on sewn on the leather) while at the same time, have a certain playfulness and not too old or luxurious looking in its design like chanel or BV.

    More & more ladies who are avant-garde in their style preferring designers like issey miyake or comme des garcon for clothes are using burberry bags to store their essentials.
  12. Nice thread!

    I think Burberry still suffer from the image of being a label for old people and not for the young ones. That said, I also think that many people want to spend their money in something that is clearly recognisable as a luxury item and that screams out loud the name of the designer. Think about LV, it's more likely to see a monogram bag than one from the Epi line, which is hardly recognisable as a LV if people aren't into bags as we are. So happens with Burberry. Moreover, the price of Burberry bags are quite high (a Manor bag goes for about 1300 €) but they don't keep their value like LV or Chanel do, so maybe people think it's worth spend some more money into a bag that will keep its value if resold.
  13. yesterday while shopping at valentino, a well-known asian socialite in black dress walks in carrying burberry blue label tote with hermes bolduc twilly tied around the handles of the tote. the tote with hermes twilly (the lady as well), simply beautiful. burberry and hermes complement very well with one another.
  14. I am quite new to Burberry. I am not sure why I havent really noticed Burberry before. I came across a pair of shoes from Burberry that I really liked but everywhere I looked the smallest shoesize was 37 and then I was over in England and walked into Burberry to ask why they dont make smaller shoesizes which they did and had at home as well and since then I have been falling in love with the bags as well. To be honest it is the best shopping experiance I had in Burberry. They were incredbly nice to me and so helpful.