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    I was scrolling the Louboutin Thread and this ad came up on the bottom:


    I'm just wondering why TPF allows such a ridiculous fake site to be on here? Do they not have control over that? Just a thought....
  2. I'll report it. These ads are auto-placed by google, tpf might not even know.
  3. That is pretty bad.
  4. This isn't a CL topic, it's a website topic so I'll move this to Feedback Dropbox for you.

    But Vlad sets parameters for Google ads and sometimes one slips through a crack here or there. I'll flag him.
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    Thanks for pointing this out. Indeed, we don't have control over what ads are shown through the network, but we can block certain URLs after they show up. I'll add this to the filter!
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    What I'm about to post is not about Louboutins (because I don't visit that section) and it's not about the ad discussed in this thread specifically (because I haven't seen this ad), but I didn't want to start a new thread about ads so I thought I'd post my comment in an existing thread about ads.
    I want to make a comment about ads in general to the Purse Forum website owners:

    I just wanted to say something about those rectangular ads that automatically appear underneath posts when I view this forum when not logged in:

    I never put ads underneath my posts.
    When I'm viewing the forum when not logged into the forum, I'm aware that rectangular ads automatically appear underneath some of my posts. But the problem is it can be misconstrued as looking like I put those ads there, even though I never did.

    Because I never put any ads underneath any of my posts.

    I think, in principle, it doesn't feel right to let advertisers arbitrarily automatically put ads underneath posts:
    It's no different from (for example) sticking a sign on your front lawn without your consent.

    Would it be possible to group and place the ads horizontally along the bottom of the page outside of the posting area?
    It's just a polite suggestion.
  7. Since there's been no response to my post, I'm going to guess that no one who read this understands what I was trying to describe when I was talking about rectangular ads? If that's the case, I'll use this thread as an example to describe them:
    When viewing the Purse Forum when not logged into the forum, there are 3 rectangular ads that automatically appear on each page of a thread - the first 2 ads appear on the first 2 posts at the top of each page, and the third ad appears on the last post at the bottom of each page of a thread.
    For example, my current post will be the last post at the bottom of this page and therefore, a rectangular ad will automatically appear underneath my post when viewing the forum when not logged into the forum. I didn't put the ad underneath my post because I never put any ads underneath any of my posts. The Purse Forum website administrators set up a structure on the entire Purse Forum website itself whereby these ads (which are sometimes also called Google Ads) automatically appear underneath posts. These ads sometimes have a small triangle at the top or bottom right-hand corner of each rectangular ad, and when scrolling over the triangle, small words that say "Ad Choices" appear. I don't know what "Ad Choices" means. I'm guessing it means Google arbitrarily listed the ads themselves.
    The ads appear at any time when viewing the Purse Forum when not logged into the forum. The subject matter of the ads vary quite broadly - from clothing to movies to jewellery to whatever. I don't know what the ads are.

    Lastly, what I wanted to politely say to Vlad and Megs (since they are the Purse Forum website owners) is if Vlad would consider the option of putting these ads in an area away from the posting area, outside of the posting area. As I mentioned in my previous post in this thread, I think that in principle, it doesn't feel right to let advertisers arbitrarily automatically put ads underneath posts. It's no different from sticking a sign on your front lawn without your consent.
  8. Hi, I understand what you were/are trying to say the first time :smile:

    Just so you know: the rectangular ad underneath the last post of a thread also shows up for me when I'm logged in :yes:
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    Hello and thank you for replying. You shouldn't be able to see a rectangular ad underneath the last post when logged in. Perhaps you are referring to that very long narrow rectangular ad at the bottom of the website page. But that long narrow rectangular ad was not the ad I was talking about because that ad is outside of the posting area.

    The rectangular ads I was talking about are literally inside the user's posting area immediately underneath the posted sentences. The size of the rectangular ads are approximately 3 by 4 inches in height and length or smaller (I obviously don't have a measuring tape right now to give an exact measurement). Basically, the rectangular ads are more "squat". They are not the long narrow one that you saw.
    If you log out briefly and then look in the thread when logged out, look at the first two posts at the top of this page and the last post at the bottom of this page and you should be able to see these three (shorter) rectangular ads (one ad per post) because these ads appear when viewing the forum when logged out.
  10. You're welcome. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The ad I was referring to in my former post is indeed right below the posting area.

    And yes, you're right. When I log out the ads are suddenly placed differently; those more square like ads now appear within the posting area :yes:
  11. eyelove I get what you mean but I think that if you surf around the forum and visit some of the threads you'll understand that its not a signature for the poster. At least I hope people understand that. On the other side, I do get that it may feel a bit odd, specially when most of the ads I see are for "Meeting Girls" "Chat with a Russian girl" "

    Here's one from my posts.
    Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 8.14.03 PM.png
  12. Hi!
    It's not that no one understands, it's that Vlad need to stop by :smile:
    I know he and Megs were dealing w/ the massive storm, hopefully he can peek in soon :tup:
  13. Sorry we didn't pop in sooner - our internet has been really spotty since the storm. I will make sure Vlad sees this to answer, it is something we like to be aware of and will def look into!

  14. We have used the ad placements you mentioned for the past few years in this exact setup. The 300x250 pixel banners show by the first, second and last post on a thread, only for visitors. Once you log in, they disappear.

    The contents of the ads differs for every visitor to the page (depends mostly, but not exclusively, on the visitor's browsing history), we have categories blocked that would be inappropriate to show... even though sometimes questionable ads ("chat with Russian girls?!") come through for some strange reason.

    We've been running this setup for a few years now, the placements fall within the ad network's requirements and are not planning on changing it any time soon I am afraid.

    Generally, Internet users are savvy enough to realize that the author of content (whether it'd be an article on a new site or a post on a forum) does not endorse the contents or message of the advertisement. :idea:

  15. I'm aware that the Purse Forum website has used this ad placement set-up for a few years. During the same time period, I've read (in the Feedback Dropbox section) a few threads created by a few other members addressing the same issue about ad placement set-ups. Therefore, I thought maybe you (Vlad) would consider altering the ad set-up. Since you hadn't, I just thought I'd politely discuss the topic in this thread a few days ago.