*Why is Tokidoki so popular?*

  1. I was at the LeSportsac outlet in Woodbury Commons shopping center today (New York) and they had a bunch of Tokidoki pieces on discount. The prices were good (compared to the original) but still a little high. I was so tempted to buy one just so I could own a piece of pop-cultURE handbag history! :smile:

    ***What makes Tokidoki for LeSportsac so popular? I admit it is a very attractive print and very eye-catching but why do you like it? Why is it especially so popular among Asian women? I'm always interested in what makes an "it" bag.***
  2. I like it because the most of the prints are really cute. I know there's a lot of girls on here that have every print, every style of bag... There seems to be some that are collecting these bags too... For me, I liked the Foresta, Paradiso, Inferno, and Spiaggia so those are the prints I have. And then I liked the denaro, buon viaggio, mamma mia, gioco, and zucca, so those are the styles I have. I just really like the bags I've purchased and they're way cheaper than all the Coach bags I have.

    I'm sure the one common thread with us all is that we think the tokidoki line is "super cute."
  3. I so don't fit the "profile" of the typical tokidoki lover. I'm not "young" (well I am in spirit just not in years), I'm not Asian, I don't have (or want) kids and I don't live in NY, CA or HI. I've never been much of a purse collector.

    But boy do I LOVE tokidoki.

    I have never been a black or brown bag person. In the past year or so I've had/used a purple leather bag, hot pink leather bag, Fossil "patchwork print" bag and a Lexi Barnes pink black and white flowered bag.

    The very first time I saw a toki bag I fell in love with the bright color and the playful prints. Now I have 30+

    Bottom line is they make me happy to look at them. They are very functional bags, they don't slip off my sholder. They dont weigh much. I think you could say the same for some of the regular LeSportSac bags but let's face it, many of them are just really butt ugly and the tokis are REALLY cute.

    (I am alway amazed when someone I meet DOESN'T like my bag - today a friend a called my Pirata Stellina "interesting" - and not in a nice way!)
  4. I like it because they're cute and are only selling for a limited time. Once it's gone, it'll be gone.
  5. I agree with DreamsofToki. I do not fit the "profile" of the typical tokidoki lover. I am over 50 and I am not Asian. I agree that the bags just make me happy. Even my husband thinks they are fun (His favorite is Inferno).
  6. I guess we "not typical" toki lovers are all on tpf tonight....a Saturday night!:lol: :whistle: Anyway, I love questions like this. I CANNOT give you a great answer. I told my other tokilovin' friend that Simone must put subliminal messages in his prints because I can't answer my husband when he asks me "why do you need all those bags?" because I don't know why! And I'm not alone! I'm not Asian, I'm 45 w/ 2 young kids and I'm very young at heart....have a strong fashion sense and have always like bags that weren't boring. Now when I look at any bag other than my tokis...they all look boring! Why not wear art on your purse?:supacool: :heart: :love: and it sure entertains me when I have a few minutes in the car shuffling kids everywhere. I just stare at my tokis and see something new in their prints all the time! I can't say that about any of my other purses in my closet.
  7. As I always say, they're art...awesome, functional, wearable art...
  8. totally agree. Plus for a lot of students (as I've heard in the past but not myself of course :rolleyes: hehehe) can stare at the print during a boring lecture and entertain yourself by trying to find new characters or thinking about each character and their features or tokidoki in general and anything about it...

    It's so cute and lovable you just want to hug it!
  9. I don't own much Toki - two pieces, but what I own makes me happy.
    It is so richly detailed, I find myself contemplating single square inches for hours at a time
    It's silly and funny and happy and makes me smile.
    It's colourful (I have a citta rosa and a tokidoki)
    And it takes a lot of punishment (after scotchguard, of course).
  10. The artwork is craaazy cute. I used to buy more higher-priced bags, but tokidoki is just so much more affordable! It's not just the bags, I like their other merchandise too.
    And..where I live, I've NEVER seen anyone wear tokidoki, so I like being the only one, kinda like having my own style.
  11. Okay, so I'm asian..I'm 40 with two small kids and I love cute stuff.... (probably more like I'm in denial and I keep forgetting that I am 40...ha ha...)
    It's my obsession for the moment...:girlsigh:
  12. hehe, I'm not Asian and I am going to be 34 this Aug!! I have two little kids and I love Toki! When I first saw them I thought well those sure look fun but 1)I'm too old for them and 2)they are kinda expensive. Well then I found this forum and found other Toki nuts and thought you know what...........you're only as old as you make yourself feel. SO in with a new attitude and now a Toki freak!! They are fun and colorful bags, they go with my clothing (SAHM who wears tees & jeans) and my kids think they are fun!!
  13. Besides, they are kinda my "do all" bag. I have a LV and a Gucci that I don't want to use all the time (like when it rains or trips to disneyland/zoo, etc) so they don't get ruined, so out comes the Toki that is a made of a great material that you can just wipe off!
  14. I think I love Tokidoki so much because to me the prints are so cute and they are fun. It reminds me a bit like Hello Kitty. I have been in love with Hello Kitty since birth (i'm 24). I've never been a leather purse kind of girl.. I'm not so into Coach or LV or whatever name brand.

    Also, I think Tokidoki matches my personality. It's comfortable to me. You know how people are jeans and t shirt kinds of people? I'm a Tokidoki kind of person! = )
  15. Same here with the Sanrio stuff...! I was born into loving it (I'm 27) since I was born and raised for my first seven years in Japan - the mother ship of Sanrio! *lol* I don't think I'll ever stop liking Sanrio no matter how old I am. I may not display a lot of it, but I'll always have my ceramic coin banks out!!