Why is this Wrong?

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  1. My daughter and I like to bake, we bake something every weekend. This weekend my husband is going over to a friends house to watch a fight. We are both close the this friend, his wife and him are out daughters godparents. Whenever I go I usually some food or beer over or offer to order pizza. Since I was already baking I suggested I make extra cookies for him to take over. He declined stating that it was gay to bring baked goods over to another guys house, and guys don't do that. I asked why not? he had no answer but told me to ask tpf. So I ask why is it wrong for guys to bring cookies over to another guys House? I don't understand so please enlighten me.

    Also I usually bring over beer, but last time my husband and friend drank a lot too munch and I think it made his wife upset. I did not want the guys wife mad at him again.
  2. I dont know about other guys, but my SO would be happy to take over some cookies (or any other food, for that matter) for the guys to munch on. He would take it over and say something like "Val made cookies!" and all the guys would devour them, I can picture the entire event in my head lmao.
  3. mine too! Wanna be my DH's favorite BFF? Send some cookies to my house and you'll be my DH's favoritest!
  4. Saying that anything is "gay" is completely inappropriate and politically incorrect and I wish people would stop referring to things that way.

    He must just feel that it is not exactly manly to take baked goods to another guy's house. He'd probably be more comfortable taking something like a baked ziti. Not saying that is right but that just must be how he feels.
  5. Swanky there might be enough, I made Coconut Chocolate Chip.

    bnjj I completely agree with you I shy away from that type of wording, but it is what he said. I;m sorry if it offended you that was not my intention.
  6. Oh no need to apologize to me and I do know that you were just quoting him. :smile:
  7. Not to mention, immature. You also said that your husband drank too much last time you brought beer...sounds like he has a bit of growing up to do yet.
  8. ^ I'm sorry but my husband works full time attends school 4 nights a week for his masters, all in all works very hard. He did drink a little too much but he only does that once every 8 months or so, please do not judge him on one night. He is in fact a very "grown up" man with a lot of responsibilities, so I see no problem with drinking every now and then. Yes, I agree he could have chosen his words more carefully but I'm sure he is not the only one to say stupid thing at times, which in no way makes him "immature".
  9. Tell your husband to call his friend and ask him if he will turn down home baked goods. I bet no man in his right mind would turn down cookies, much less any free food offered to him.
  10. All the guys I know would not turn down baked goods!
  11. a fight?
  12. ^ ultimate fighting (UFC)
  13. that's just sad! I (and everyone I know) would LOVE home baked cookies!

    It was his loss!
  14. ohh gotcha xD for what its worth~~your cookies sound really yummy! i have never tried coconut chocolate chip cookies but it sounds amazing
  15. I send my husband to work all the time with cupcakes that I bake that typically have pink frosting (because I like pink) and he works with almost all men (1 female) and they all always ask him when I'm going to make more.