Why is this person doing this?

  1. I have a $1,199 bag on eBay and I just got an offer of $60 and $80 by the same person. Why are they bothering? Should I block them from bidding? Can I do that?
  2. Haha typo? maybe they meant 600 or 800...cuz that is ridiculous. I would block them just for the stupid offer...just in case they decide to sabatoge ur auction.
  3. ARRGH those are so annoying!!!
    I would set my Best Offers to auto decline ridiculous offers like that, and then block that person from bidding as well.
  4. Set the auto decline and block that idiot.
  5. Some people want to see if the seller is really desperate to sell the item.

    Others just have too much time on their hands ...
  6. :lol: Too much time on their hands for sure. As for the low, silly offers, maybe it really was a typo. Either case, I would block them.
  7. sounds like they are just messing around, just decline and move on...
  8. I have 100 items listed. It would drive me nuts if I didn't have the auto decline set. I usually will respond to an asq asking what the lowest acceptable price is.
  9. Yep definately put auto decline on your auctions from now on .... Counter offer is good if someone offers nearly what you are looking for on an item a compromise can be met:yes: I really don't know why people do these silly offers .
  10. Here's a related but unusual situation that happened to me yesterday: I have an expensive item listed at fair eBay market value for this item. I received an offer for just about exactly HALF of the BIN price, and at first I was all :cursing:, but I just declined and wrote something as nice as possible in the comment section. A few minutes later I got an email from that person saying that she hoped I wasn't offended by her offer, but it was all she could spend and she figured she'd take a chance. And ya know what? She was so nice about it and polite that even though I will not sell her or anyone else the item at a huge loss :lol: I did recommend another seller who does sometimes sell similar items in her price range.

    So, I guess the moral of my story is that occasionally people are not actually trying to infuriate us with these offers. She just knew what she could spend, and figured it was worth a shot. I have to say, I respect that because at least she knows her financial limits and isn't risking her financial health over what is, at the end of the day, an optional luxury item.
  11. It won't be as much fun for her if you do auto decline. Must be a (cheap) thrill or something.
  12. If the person who offered me $60 and $80 is offering all that she can afford, she needs to go for the fakes.

    As far as they typo theory, I could buy that with one but not two lowball offers.
  13. I got a couple of those really low offers as well. Do they really think their offers will be accepted?
  14. I think people do it because they think the seller will "accidently" accept.
  15. Oh snap, never thought of that. :cursing: