Why is this LV dust bag so small? (Speedy 30 Damier Azur)

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  1. Why is my LV dust bag so small? I purchased the speedy 30 Damier Azur from the LV store and can't figure out why it came with such a small dust bag. The only way it will fit in the dust bag is if i fold it down like the LV store had it when i purchased it. I don't want to store it like that because it will have creases in it when i take it out. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you think it would be outrageous if i took it back and asked the SA for a bigger one?
  2. The Speedy is meant and made to be folded like the Louis Vuitton boutique showed you. It won't case any harm to the bag.
  3. You can ask for a bigger dustbag..it's not good for your bag to sit crushed like that because it can cause cracks in the canvas (which are not able to be repaired). I know another TPFer, Michelle, had that problem with her Keepall. Or if you can't get a dustbag, a flannel pillowcase works just as well.
  4. My Speedy also came with a small dustbag. Folding the bag won't hurt it in any way and it was actually made to be folded like that.

    You can go to the store and ask for a larger one that would tie at the top. Basically, I don't put my bag in the dustbag, rather I put the dustbag over the bag. Know what I mean? The side with the pocket is on one side and the flap thingy that says "louis vuitton" is on the other side :smile:
  5. I've never heard of folding the bag causing cracks, nor has it ever happened to me. Unless if the bag was stored incorrectly or in a bad atmosphere to cause something so drastic.
  6. Yes ask for a biger one! I heard of cracks in he canvas a few times.
  7. it could happen depending on the weather, you can either ask for those drawstring dustbags, or just use a cotton/flannel pillowcase which works just as fine :flowers:
  8. ^The Speedy or the Keepall aren't meant to be stored folded for long periods of time. It does eventually cause the canvas to become brittle and crack. It best to store this bag in a large flannel pillow case stuff with towels or t-shirts to keep its shape.

  9. Sadly it could happen..

    Ask your SA to give you string dustbag..
  10. I never knew that, thanks for the information. Louis Vuitton does make dustbags big enough for a Speedy not folded, so I would consider asking for one to be on the safe side.
  11. my cerises speedy 25 also came with a really small dust bag. I always stuff my bags with tissue paper so that they hold shape while being stored. I asked my LV store for a larger dust bag and they told me that they do not carry extra dust bags. so instead I got a box.
  12. Ask Michelle1025 because it happened to her Keepall. She has her bags nicely stored and doesn't have them crumpled up or anything. ;)
  13. Simple solution...bigger dust bag. They will gladly give you one.
  14. Canvas speedies always come with the small dustbag but with other line of speedies come with bigger one.
  15. Odd, I wonder if the SA was just being lazy.
    I swear, I feel like we have to watch them all the time & it's not right- we are paying a LOT of money for these bags!