Why is this Choo "on sale" for $2000??

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  1. I believe it's the Ramona XL and not the regular sized Ramona. I don't remember the retail price of the XL since the belted styles aren't always my favorites. :smile:
    Still, the price isn't great.
  2. purseinsanity, if you search JC on this forum you'll see a pic of that same bag posted May22. It retailed at NAP for $2800.
  3. purseinsanity, it's me again. I must have too much time on my hands this morning...lol. bella is right...the bag on Overstock is the XL. It measures 19X15 whereas the regular Ramona measure 17X11. It's a beauty but it's so huge!
  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Yes it is HUGE!

    I actually have that bag sitting in my closet waiting for a weekend away, but as you can see...... it is still sitting there waiting...
  6. Time to plan a trip Robyn! How stylish will you be looking with the XL Ramona as your travel bag? I have not seen the bag IRL .Is it that huge?
  7. Hi, would you mind sharing on which one do you think is better, the burgundy biker with snake trim ramona or the burgundy ramona xl? in terms of color, are they the same?


  8. So good to see you back in the "groove" Samantha :yahoo:Hope you've found a good place for your "Custom Throne:choochoo::choochoo:" :roflmfao:

    The XL Ramona would basically fit all 3 of my kitties inside (yes, even "Fat boy" Tigger) for any weekend get away. I would say it would also be a great size bag for a mom's diaper bag. If I were Bonniec, this would be an ideal size to carry all the baby support equipment and the few little necessities you want for yourself when you are out and about with a baby:wlae:

    hanei, the only difference in the 2 bags besides of course the size, is the XL has the 1.2-2 inch belted strap woven through instead of watersnake. I think is really is a cool bag and someday I am sure I will use it :beach:

    Maybe this Spring when we have a Choo gathering:drinkup:
  9. :shocked: It's the Ramona XL.. Robyn.. JLo's got the same right..?
    Oh gosh... I checked it, it's no longer available. I'm some 22 hours late.. :push:
  10. That 's correct abilicious, I haven't seen it advertised anywhere in quite sometime, but it is now showing up on Overstock's site, so go jump on one:tup:

  11. samantha took the words right out of my mouth:yes:....nj is not really too lovely this time of year,:push: but you are always welcome! :heart:there is a jimmy choo boutique at short hills mall......:graucho:
    shamrock would love to meet auntie robyn.....:okay:
  12. Says the dreaded "sold-out"! grrr..:hysteric:
    :wtf: I'm crushed. ouch!
  13. Sounds very tempting. Thanks Robyn, maybe I have to start visiting overstock more often now.
  14. Yes, I remember when Robyn got this... it's gorgeous. I would personally use this to throw DH in there, tie up the belt strap, hang the bag up high, and beat it up like a pinata when he makes me mad... not that I've ever been close to doing that or anything :shrugs:.

    It sounds like we do need a tpf get-together :yahoo: . Well, I'll be in Dallas at the end of January for an OB medical conference, so anyone dying to go to Dallas LMK (LOL)...