Why is there this line...?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am thinking of buying a pre-owned reissue but there is this line that I am concerned about as seen in the picture.
    Can someone tell me what causes this line? Is it natural or it is because it has been used many times?
    TIA! :smile:

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  2. Either that bag was squished or the bag(or leather) was improperly stored. Bag sometimes gets pressure marks or creases over time. Especially if something heavy was putting pressure over it. Pressure marks happen when leather is wrongly stored or a heavy/sharp object has been putting pressure on the leather for some time. Also the same can happen to an improperly stored leather clothing that can developed or caused wrinkles.
  3. I had very little room in my closet in my last home .I squished a bunch of leather coats together in the back and then stacked shoe boxes against it by accident. One coat has a permanent crease like that now.
  4. The line/crease is a common trait of the reissue. It is actually meant to look like that, along with the saggy bottom. HTH
  5. Agree with fiery_rose. My 225 reissue has the same crease and I only got it a couple of months ago. I store it restuffed in its own box so it’s definitely not squished during storage.
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  6. Hi eckw, I am just curious, isit possible to show me a picture of your bag crease? :smile:

    Thank you all for the kind replies :smile:

  7. Reissue a
    Reissue's aged calf skin leather will have this creases. Sheepskin Reissue was ok
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  8. That’s very common with the reissue leather. I’ve had the 226 for years now and the creases have always been on mine.
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  9. Here you go!


    Hope this helps alleviate your worries. This was my only quilted reissue in classic aged calfskin and it’s easy to worry when one has no experience of the bag style.

    When I first got my bag, I was reading about others’ concerns, and I would immediately check my own and see things I missed. (I think one poster had her 225 face-plant every time she sat the bag up and I remember testing for that too! )

    I remember being quite worried about this creasing until others chimed in helpfully with their experience. But at the end of the day, only you can decide if you’re ok with whatever it is that bothers you. Use our input to get a balanced viewpoint but if all you see are the creases, then don’t get/exchange/return the bag.

    Rebecca is right that the 17P sheepskin reissue (I have that one in 227) is much less “creasy” and while I love that bag too, to me nothing beats the aged calf of the classic reissue. But there are def other leathers available for the seasonal reissue styles if the creasiness of aged calf bothers you. HTH!
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