why is there no???

  1. forum on here for who sells real/fake like they do on the clothing versions of these sites??
  2. I don' t know but I'm looking for the same thing.
  3. I dunno...it would be helpful. Maybe some trolls would come and add themselves to the authentic list?
  4. :yes: Im sure that would happen! We get so many posts by sellers trying to flog their fakes as it is..

    I guess it could work if the Mods checked out each site before it was listed. Maybe people could PM a certain website and the Mods could check it and only they are actually allowed to add to the list..?
  5. I'm also on AF for jeans and the mods have set up lists w/authentic sellers on eBay and online retailers. They get help from the members and check the stuff out. Its actually reallly helpful. I thought this site was similar but I guess not...this seems more like a place that people talk about handbags they like/have more than an authentication place. I think the mods should consider it...

    And members could help them compile a list by saying who they have bought authentic stuff from... :smile: Just a thought
  6. Oh and only mods can actually add people to the list when members give suggestions that makes it so not just anyone can add themselves.
  7. I'll start by moving this to our clothing Forum - The Wardrobe.

    But just like all of our other sub-Forums here, anyone can start a thread like that:shrugs:
    There's a thread like that in a lot of our sub-Forums. But I can tell you, we're not about to check each one of them out, we don't have that kind of time or expertise.
  8. a reminder: No one is permited to post their own blogs, websites, eBay auctions or IDS here:nogood: