Why is there a shortage of CHANEL Black w/Silver Caviar Grande Shopping Totes?

  1. I just got my first Chanel bag this Christmas! I am so excited! :yahoo:La! La! La! BUT I am new to how the whole Chanel inventory thing works..and a bit confused. Will someone explain why I was told by the sales guy at the Chanel store in McLean that the Black Caviar Shopping Tote is sold out and no one knows if or when they will make more, and then a few stores down at NM the sales person gladly found me the bag in the computer and had it shipped to me within 3 business days? They all said it is a popular bag, so why the shortage, are they not making more? Or do they stop making them to make the demad higher???:heart:
  2. :welcome: Welcome! Congrats on your GST! It's from the Timeless collection and should always be in production. Possible shortage could be holiday and the new type of 'washed'(don't shine as much) caviar is comming out soon?
  3. thye're always in short supply following a holiday:yes:
  4. ^Ya, I went to SCP (in Cal.) Chanel inside the Bloomingdale's and they were out of GST. Also went to the Chanel boutique and they were also out of the Black GST (I was searching for gold hw)...not sure about the silver. Had them order me 1.

    Neway....I later found out from the Bloomingdale's Chanel that they were sold out in New York as well. This was on 12/23.

    Later, dh and son found me a Black GST w/ gold hw from NM @ Fashion Island on 12/24! (We then cancelled my previous order).

    The SAs were telling me that they had a lot of people asking for the GSTs. So, yep I guess they were just in demand with the holidays.

    btw, Congrats on finding your GST, and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Interesting! Hey I miss SCP...it's my fave all1 I used to live in OC...good to hear from an OC girl! Luv fashion Island too! Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Some places are sold out. Given that it's around Christmas, I don't think it's really too suprising. I do think Chanel, even in their permenant collections tends to have less merchandise at a time than say, LV or something though.
  7. Hey Fellow OC gal!! Heehee!! I was born in the OC! (lived there 'bout 15 yrs.) :yes: No longer live there...but I'm not too far away....'bout 45 mins. So LOL that works..! :yes:

    Thx a lot!!!!!!!!!! I'm :heart:'in "her"!! :girlsigh:
  8. So they will continue to produce this style then, right? I LOVE the bag, but it would be a disapointent if they stopped making more of them. kind of like if you buy a new car and then they change the design the next year.
  9. wiley12: Yup, it is a classic so it won't go away, don't worry!
  10. Yes, they will continue to make this style. The price may go up but the bag will remain the same.;)
  11. The opposite happened to me when I found my GST. First I went to NM, hoping to get Incircle points for the purchase. They didn't have any and didn't look it up in the computer. I went into the mall (Tyson's II) to the Chanel store and they had just received a shipment, so I bought mine there. This was early November, though. Right now, I imagine everyone's inventory is down.
  12. I went in a early December. I went into the Chanel store twice and both times they said they are sold out. They never offered to look in the computer and the sp said he didn['t know if they were making more. It led me to believe that they may stop producing. NM was much more helpul, the sp said she'd find one for me and she did - luckily - because I have my fist Chan el bag, a GST!
  13. hi there how much is the caviar grande shopping tote????
  14. ^ $2125
  15. For some reason I assumed that bags that are constantly in production (like the GST) are always in stock. That's not the case. When a Chanel boutique or department store is sold out of a certain item, usually, that's it. It's pretty much a set stock until the next season is what I've gathered so far.

    I just got the new washed caviar GST in black with silver hardware, but only three arrived so far to Hawaii from the spring/summer collection of 2008. I'm not sure if they produced the regular caviar for s/s '08 too.

    Anyways haha. Congrats on your new GST! What I've gathered also is that silver hardware is apparently NOT always available like the gold hardware is.