why is there a pink bag here?

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  1. okay, pharrell's collaboration with lv, but what is that bag, looks like a birkin(guess)
  2. Its a Steamer bag.
  3. oh god, im blind, thxs!
  4. Your welcome, but why is it that shape and why is it pink??????
  5. yeah, thats what im trying to figure out LOL, PINK!!! never seen that canvas before, but you know pharrell and his one of a kind made items.
  6. Yea, I saw a pic of him with a 50cm purple croc Birkin:Push:

    But for some reason it looked kinda hot on him!
  7. lmao! that would def. look hot!
  8. well its definitely a steamer. Thats the shape of a steamer. (much like a birkin even though the birkin was developed over 70 years after?)

    the way to tell is the handle.
    there is only one. also, the openings are very high up unlike the birkins.
    its also not as wide and taller.

    anyway. the pink i can not answer. BUT WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHY!!! ;)

    probably somekind of prototype
  9. sorry, IMO that pink bag is just plain awful. It looks like some strange Birkin hybrid. :yucky:
  10. speechless! :nuts:
  11. isnt the steamer a vintage shape? im sure it came waaaaay before any speedy or other style. Remember LV started out as luggage :smile: xx
  12. it certainly catch my attention:yes:
  13. No clue but I want it! Of course, it's pink and reminds me of Pepto Bismal - both of which I like :whistle:.
  14. :roflmfao:, it does look like a birkin...or the birkin looks like the steamer. Interesting editorial choice in the picture.
  15. I've read that the top part of the LV Steamer was actually the inspiration for the top of the Birkin. :graucho: