Why is the vachetta so "new" looking?

  1. I am curious as to why most of the bags I see on the street have "new" looking vachetta? I know mine tanned very easily and quickly (I don't mean a complete patina! I am still waiting for that to happen!) once I started using it. Does that mean that over 90% of the bag I see on the street are brand new bags?
  2. Either it's fake and the handles are vinyl instead of real vachetta, so they'll never patina, or yeah...the handles just don't get that much wear!

    They might not be brand new...maybe just not used that often? Either due to LV being more of a high-end bag or ladies have many different bags that they rotate between.
  3. ^^
  4. if they look pale but slightly orange or pink then the are fake. otherwise they are new or not used very often.
  5. Probalby becuase they are FAKE! It's one of the most definete signs of fake now that the canvas usually looks ok and evenly placed even on fakes. Yuck! One girl at work has a supersized piano cabas fake with peachy "plachetta", it wouldn't patina even if you drowned in water and stenched it in grease.
  6. I have seen bags where the vachetta is "new" color, and the rest of the canvas is all beat up.
  7. Maybe they had it refurbished:shrugs:
  8. I have a mono pochette that I only use once maybe a couple of times a month, and I've had the bag for about a year and it has barely shown a patina. I store it in its dust bag, too. I know it's real!
  9. Lack of use! I have a denim speedy that is still very light and i've had it over a yr. It doesnt see the light of day and its covered with clothes do it doesnt get dark.
  10. There are a lot of fakes now that have oxidizing leather so that the handles darken just like a real LV, so don't let that be the tale tale sign that it's a fake ;) Probably a combination of both being new and some being fake.
  11. Either fake, barely used, or very well cared for. I started collecting LV last September 06 and all my bags have barely any patina. In my experience, no direct sunlight or heat, no wet or "lotioney" hands = light vachetta (for a time, anyway. I do know they will eventually darken). :p
  12. ^^^Exactly!!!
    most if not all of mine are pale, only the neverfull has some patina because i wore it for a week in la.
  13. I change my bags out all the time. I hardly ever use a bag for more then a week. I have a black mc speedy that still looks new and I have had it over a year.
  14. barely used for me. i have an lv... but i reallly hate patina.. T__T which kinda stops me from totally obsessing about wanting the damier azur speedy 25. anyways. i'm so afriad it'll turn unevenly or rain (fl rain is sooo sporadic) that i use my gucci everyday and the lv like.. once.. in like... i dunno every other month.

    i think patina is why my heart is so set on getting a damier ribera hehe. handles are already dark. teehee
  15. all my bags have really light coloring to them & my oldest one i've had for 1 year & 8 months. i just rarely use them b/c i'm too afraid of messing them up.