Why is the stiching on this wallet so horrible?

  1. I just got this wallet today as a gift straight from Coach and was wondering if this is normal. On the left side it is all scrunched up and the other side looks crooked at the bottom where the leather is placed...


    Is it because it's such a tiny wallet or something?

  2. Oh, I know it's disappointing to receive something not up to standard. Coach's quality control obviously missed this one! Return it.
  3. coaches standards for quality aren`t probably as high as many others. i did buy the carryall with a crooked keyring =(
  4. Oh no.....at first when I read the title I thought "uh-oh, its a fake!". But its not and its sad to see that Coach has either lowered their standards or their quality control isn't paying attention! Definitely exchange it for another one but be sure to point out the messy stitching to the SA when you do. Hopefully they send it to an outlet after you exchange it because if they were to just re-sell it at the botique for full price that would be SO wrong.
  5. I have this same wallet and my stitching doesn't look like that. Return it.
  6. Send it back there is no need for poor quality.
  7. Yucky!
  8. I just looked at my mini skinnies and I don't see any problem with the one pictured. What's wrong with it?
  9. If you look at the left side, the leather looks all wrinkly, crinkled and messed up--like the stitching is too tight and made the leather pucker. The bottom part where the leather is, the stitching is crooked. Doesn't look too hot.
  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo. I see it now:push:. LOL.
  11. Do any of you know if I can return this if I bring the tag with it? Do you know if I NEED a receipt? My boyfriend bought it for me (we don't live together) so he has it. I can swing right by Coach straight from work tomorrow.

    And do you happen to know if it HAS to be for the same exact model, still without a receipt?

    Thank you so much!

    I didn't even notice it until later that night, so he DEFINITELY didn't when he bought it (lol)
  12. you can totally exchange without receipt and it doesnt have to be the same but if it costs more you pay the dif, but you should have no issues without a receipt, you just wouldnt be able to return it :smile:
  13. tags are still attached right? if so,it shouldn't be a problem. and you need to get the quality you paid for.
  14. Send it back, asap.
  15. No, the tags are off of it. Would that still be okay do you think? Thanks!