why is the silver plate crooked?

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    is this bag not real?
  2. I've been wondering that over at the "superfakes" balenciaga thread myself.

    The conclusion/agreement we've drawn over there? That it's real, but the tag is awful?
  3. i've read the "superfakes" thread.. then so if the tag is not good.. the bag is not good?
  4. Aesthetically speaking? I couldn't buy it. But that doesn't mean the bag is or isn't good. I bet that helps :lol:
  5. welovelouie - I think the bag is fine, but I might not buy it just because the oddity of the tag makes people wonder about its authenticity! Doesn't take away from the bag itself, but might make it harder to resell. Might also make it easy to get a good deal on this one if you want it, though...
  6. i wouldnt buy it because the tag would completely irritate me forever. if its a good deal, ill get it.. but it would still bug me haha.
  7. there no notches on the rivets...doesnt that mean its fake?
  8. :sad:
    is this the calcaire color? i've been dreaming non stop for one calcaire color
  9. It's not calcaire, it's just off-white. It's before the notches became consistent - some from ss05 have them, some don't - so it's not disqualified for that.

    I wonder if you could take the tag off and re-sew it on straight? ;)
  10. that won't be a problem... i do sew..
    but the matter is..... can u ladies authenticate it... i mean like disregard the stupid tag... does everything else look genuine to you?
  11. It does look genuine.
    I just sold my calcaire first and i already miss her, but I know she went to a good home.
    There is a Calcaire City on eBay right now too.
  12. I think the bag looks great:yes: The plate wouldnt bother me at all:biggrin:
  13. okay...thanks girls
  14. are you going to get it?
  15. ya...
    then i will post it after