Why is the search feature gone?

  1. I'm trying to find the Bleecker posts but there is no search feature???? I was looking for stuff on the Bleecker signature large duffel...and I so don't want to search through 50+pages of stuff...:hysteric: HELP!

  2. ahhh another yinzer!! I just noticed that!
  3. if you do a google search you can probably find what you are looking for in tpf
  4. no problem! What part of Pgh are you from? Im pretty much in Carnegie. I noticed there are a lot of pgh people on here!
  5. Kennedy Township--10 minutes from Robinson Towne Center! Gotta go all the way to Ross Park or South Hills Village to see and feel a Coach--or to Shadyside but that isn't happening with all that traffic!

  6. IT'S BACK!!! WOO HOO!!! :yahoo:
  7. :yahoo:YAY!!!!! I noticed it was back tonight too! I rely on this soooo much! lol