Why is the Rebelle so unpopular?

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  1. Personally I think it's a very pratical and comfortable. It might not be so much of a wow factor, but I think it makes a good everyday bag.

    Why do you girls think it's so unpopular?
  2. Personally I think it's because what you said - the back doesn't 'include' the wow-factor, it looks safe and maybe even too practical.. And now when the huge bags are in fashion, it might even be too small. But I kind of like the white one, but I wouldn't buy it. Maybe just because it doesn't make me say: oh my gosh! Cause that's pretty much the way I choose my bags - if I don't get breathless, it's not worth of buying. :nogood:

  3. exactly...i think that if i want a wow factor missing, everyday bag to run errands i dont need a 1000plus dollars bag, i can just buy any...but then all my bags are with a bit of wow factor, i dont like plain & practical, so rebelle was never an option for me.
  4. I used to LOVE the fashionable bags, but I realized that I always end up not using them because they are so hard to use. They are either too stiff to get into, or uncomfortable to carry. I am completely devoted to Dior, and the Rebelle seems like the only bag that is easy to use. I would love to find a Dior bag that has the wow factor as well as easy to use. Could you girls kindly recommend a style? How about the Cannage?

    Thank you.
  5. cannage definitely ! and bigger lady dior totes ! and the new plisse seems very roomy ! i also find the zipped gaucho totes very handy - bigger than the regular ones, much more spacy and zipped all the way, hence much safer. And sorry to cheat on Dior but there is no better everyday bag with a beautiful leather and gorgeous colour factor ...balenciaga :love:
  6. I like the rebelle, but they were too heavy for me....
  7. Ooooooooooooh ... I do love them both! I'm 5'4" and very skinny, would those be too big for me? I kinda wish the Lady Dior comes in the same shape, but shoulder bag version. Thanks for the links!
  8. I like the Rebelle, have 2, the Metallic hobo and the Black tote. I think the color makes a difference in the look of the bag. The metallic has more WOW factor than the black one. The reason I have 2 is that I got my black tote at a steal --around $430ish at the Dior outlet, so couldn't resist. It's light, holds a lot and looks edgy.
  9. The rebelle is heavy? Oh no! Cause I just ordered one from the outlet. Should I cancel the order? I held one a long time ago when it just came out. I don't really remember the weight of it.
  10. That's a really good deal. How do you like the hobo? Is it too bulky as a shoulder bag?
  11. I have a Rebelle hobo and I LOVE it!!!:heart: It is one of my all time favorite bags. I bought it last year at 50% discount from Saks. The shoulder strap is super wide and very comfortable to carry. Since it is lined with suede, it just keeps getting softer and better with use. I am a true fan of the Rebelle and am very disappointed that Dior has discontinued them!:sad: I do not consider the Rebelle to be a heavy bag. I have had Chloe Paddingtons and they are much heavier to carry!!
  12. Really?! Which color do you have? It seems that everybody have black, because there's suede, and suede gets dirty easily. But I really like it in the lighter color, so I got it in beige (white is just too delicate). I hope it doesn't get dirty easily. :Push:
  13. Hello,

    Good question....I am not sure why it isn't popular either. Dior went all out with ads, models and much more with regards to the Rebelle....not sure. Check out there pics. best wishes!
  14. [​IMG]